My So-Called Single Life: 7 Years of ME!


“You know that nobody understands why you’re single, right?” said Eugene*, one of my VERY BEST male friends who met me on the cusp of becoming single.


(*That is his actual name. I’m not protecting his identity because, while I love him, I don’t give a shit.)


This week marks the 7th anniversary of my single life. People don’t seem to understand why I’m single. There are many theories and suspicions, but none have been proven as of yet. And every time I go get a hair cut, facial, bikini wax, etc., it’s the question I dread, because I have been going to these people a few times a year for all these years (I’m very loyal) and I know they’re going to ask:  “Soooooooo?! Are you dating anyone?” And the answer has always been the same, for the most part. The look of disappointment on their faces is enough to make me want to start making things up, but that’s just not in my nature.


So why am I still single?


I’m not going to sit here and say I’m the best thing that ever happened to anyone, but a few people think I’m pretty awesome. (Those people are very smart, and will be handsomely rewarded after my first big box office hit.) But seriously, I take care of my health, my mind, my body, and my vagina. I am fun, funny, independent, and I believe men deserve blow jobs on a regular basis. And in case you’re not sold yet, I donate a lot of my time and blood to The Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles, as well as to many other charitable causes.


I am also the product of two of the most unfortunate examples of relationships in history. I love my parents and accept them for who they are, but both have been married and divorced three times. If you don’t think that does a number on how you view people, relationships, and marriage, then you are sorely mistaken. I believe in marriage and I believe in divorce. The only thing I don’t believe in is being unhappy.


I’ve had two serious, monogamous relationships in my life. One was young love that we both thought would end in marriage.The other was my first adult relationship that HE thought would end in marriage. The latter was a wonderful relationship with a man who truly adored me to a point that I was scared no one would ever love me as much as he did. While I made my share of mistakes with him, I also learned about life, love, trust, and partnership from him. After almost three years and things moving closer to the next step, I had to make a choice. I could stay and be comfortable with a man who wanted nothing more than to be with me at 22 years old and (probably) be divorced three years later, or I could go do what I knew I needed to do: LIVE MY LIFE.


I needed to go make mistakes and learn from them to avoid ending up like my parents. I needed to fall in lust, fall in love, get my heart broken, have a one-night-stand, do the ‘Walk-of-Shame’, walk into The Pleasure Chest without feeling ashamed, date a guy who wore VERY deep V neck t-shirts, travel the world, and most importantly… Pursue my dreams to the fullest. I’m proud to report that I’ve done all of that and more.


People in relationships (and people in general) sometimes feel sorry for people who are single., I know first hand. I’m here to tell everyone that there is nothing and no one to feel sorry for. Yes, single life REALLY sucks sometimes. Sometimes, (not often… I’m slightly claustrophobic) I want to cuddle. Sometimes, I want to have sex at 2:30 pm on a Monday afternoon. (Every guy thinks that is a feasible request for a single woman, I’m here to tell you it is not.) Did I think I’d be in a serious relationship by now and/or married with kids? Yes. Have I had nights where I cry myself to sleep because I’m lonely and I don’t understand why I’m still single? Yes. Do I sometimes worry that I’m going to die surrounded by cats that are going to eat my lonely, rotting carcass? No, because I fucking hate cats, and I have wonderful people in my life who would be concerned that I haven’t status-updated in days and would check on me before that happened.


Do I want to get married and have children? You bet. But I don’t regret one single second of my single life, and I never will. I didn’t start actually living until then. I’ve been with guys who didn’t appreciate what I had to offer, and guys who made me realize just HOW MUCH I had to offer when I forgot. I can say that I have literally been there and done that. ALL OF THAT. Enough to recognize when something is SOMETHING. I know what I want and what I don’t. And until something comes along, I’m not worried or sad or ashamed. I have lived, loved, and learned from my experiences as well as my friends’. I am enough for me, and if all else fails, I still will be. Not many people can say that. Also, I live with a gay man who, A.) Will be “Common-Law” married to me in December, whether he likes it or not, and B.) Is finally warming up to the idea of adopting a child together, if nothing else goes as planned. (Should be interesting, since we can’t afford to adopt a dog at this point.)


If you are still reading this, thank you for reading my longest and most honest blog to date. Let’s get a drink sometime.


This is what single for 7 years looks like.

Luchana Gatica
I am a 30 year-old comedian/actress/writer and most importantly, dirtyandthirty blogger! I am known for having way too much experience on the single life and making fun of myself.


  1. Hey, Luchana, I am in the same boat, I have never had a long-term relationship, never had a girlfriend, I didn’t lose my virginity until my late 20’s. I have been single since puberty. So I am going on almost 20 years or being single. Only god knows why 🙂 So absolutely, I would love to have a drink with you. and Yes, I am a guy who likes to cuddle and is not afraid to admit it. 🙂

  2. Amy says:


  3. Magdalena says:

    I absolutely adored this post. You’re sensational and my new role model.

  4. Alicia says:

    The Single Life is what I am embracing right now. I am 35 and last year in Aug my boyfriend of 1 yr 8 months ( and 1 house) dumped me…and he was 39. I REALLY thought i’d marry him cause of our ages are perfect and neither of us had been married, engaged or with children yet and I was clearly ready to grow with him towards all that love stuff. Anywho, because I was so close I knew that when we broke up it was in my best interest to just enjoy my single life for the last time. I figured if i was this close the next round would hopefully be close enough for kids or marriage or both, so why not enjoy the single life right?

    After watching Sex and the City since my 20s…i vowed to take in Singledom just as Carrie Bradshaw did. As a way to get to know myself more, grow more, become more independent and to do what I wanted to do in life and not having to answer to anyone else. I am looking at this journey as growth and hopefully when i’ve given myself enough of a break from “trying to date” guys and getting all worked up when they don’t call…that maybe the man upstairs would send me Mr. Right / marriage / babies. I know darn well that the women who are trying too hard to pin down their Perfect Man List, may very well be missing the best part of the journey. Learning to meet and talk with men, kissing frogs, learning how to recognize them…basically perfecting your craft so that when Mr Right comes along you will just KNOW.

    Thank you for this blog / post and i admire you for enjoying your 20s. I too always felt that your 20s aren’t to be stuck in long relationships but to learn about yourself, date, make mistakes, learn from them so that when you’re older you just cut out all the B.S. in life, love, and career.

    • Luchana Gatica says:

      You nailed it! The fact that you are so aware means you are ready for anything and you will get everything you want! Thanks for reading 🙂

  5. Jess says:

    I just got back from ANOTHER first date, a guy I have been chatting to online (ugh), and was feeling despondent, was having a shower and realised that I am coming up to my 7 year singleversary, I was shocked, I knew it had been a long time but SEVEN years! I started freaking out thinking I am surely the only person in the world who has been single for so long so decided to google it and your blog was my first hit.
    As I was reading it I was cheering, yes! I’m not alone, yes! That’s exactly how I feel. Yes! I get those sympathetic looks and questions that I dread.

    I have had a very similar experience to you, right down to the very serious convo I had with my gay best friend last week where we both raised the subject of having kids together. I hate the questions about why I’m still single, the concerned looks from family members who just can’t understand why I’m still single, as though I am keeping something from them when all I want to do is scream from the rooftops, “I don’t know why either!”.

    Some people seem to find relationships so easily and I was never envious cause I felt they didn’t know how to be alone, and I believe that is an important skill to have, but now a part of me wishes I was easier, that I wasn’t so outspoken, that I didn’t have opinions on everything under the sun, and that I could just settle for someone who would hold that loneliness at bay a bit, and then after all that I get angry at even THINKING about compromising my beliefs and so I try to come to terms with the concept of single for life. As I’m sure you know, after seven years that certainly feels like the more likely outcome.

    Anyway all I really wanted to say was Thank you for writing your blog post, you made me feel less alone tonight.


  6. pilar says:

    Hi Luchana,

    i have to thank you for posting this. My google search was “7 years of officially being single”… i’m 29 and freaking out about it as all my friends are getting married, having kids… it gets scary sometimes. i haven’t dated anybody in the last year so i’m feeling very insecure about guys in general. thanks again for the post! made my saturday night!

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