Make the Most of Your Long-Term Relationship.


Make the Most of Your Long-Term Relationship. Being in a long-term relationship is something to be proud of. You know your partner like you know yourself, and you’ve shared a lot of amazing memories together. However, after a few years of being together, it’s easy to feel like you’ve lost some of that initial excitement that brought the two of you together in the first place. 

How do you make the most of your long-term relationship without feeling overwhelmed? Start with these tips below to make sure your long-term relationship continues strong for another decade to come. 

Show Your Appreciation

How often do you show your partner that you appreciate them? According to Malini Bhatia of, appreciation isn’t as simple as it sounds. Malini describes it as the 3 A’s that define a healthy relationship: acceptance, appreciation, and acknowledgment. When couples have been together for a while, these 3 A’s become more complicated. 

As humans, we crave appreciation. We want our partner to love us for who we are and all we do for them. Though it might sound small, it’s these little things that add up for our relationship. Start to think of ways you can be more appreciative of your partner. From telling them thank you even for the small stuff to explaining what they mean to you, these actions are significant. 


Work on Your Communication

As you can imagine, communication is key in any relationship. Learning how to communicate effectively will help you not only in your romantic life but also your personal and professional life. Your significant other is the closest person in your life. Can you talk to them about anything? Do you bring problems to them early so they don’t build into resentment?

When you don’t open lines of communication, you build a bridge of misunderstanding. Getting over this bring isn’t always easy, but it must be done if you want a successful, healthy relationship. Practice active listening when your partner talks to you, and expect the same in return. 

Learn to Accept Criticism

It’s hard to admit we did something wrong. It’s even harder to accept this from someone who we love and respect. Criticism is a natural part of any relationship. You aren’t perfect and neither is your partner. Knowing how to respectfully deliver and receive criticism, whether it’s for something small or more significant, will lead to a happier life together. 

You can become a better person when you realize your partner has your best interest at heart. Maybe you always ignore their questions after a long day and this hurts his or her feelings. Maybe you never listen to their suggestions for changes to your apartment. If they bring these things to your attention, accept them gracefully and reflect on yourself. 

However, realize that not all criticisms are healthy. If your partner excessively points out your flaws or does not deliver this feedback in a kind way, this is a red flag. 


Build Your Intimacy

We all have too many chores in the day and not enough time to spend with our partner. From worrying about whether the kids will get to bed on time to stressing about your meeting at work, these small things get in the way of intimacy in our relationship. 

Moreover, sometimes our bodies change throughout our relationships. Maybe you met your partner when you were 21 and at your fittest. This can easily lead to some self-confidence issues both in and out of ht bedroom. You might have to actively work to build this intimacy with your partner. From trying sexy plus size lingerie to schedule alone time every week, make every moment together count.

You deserve a long and happy relationship with your partner. If you love each other, you can make your long-term relationship work as long as you’re willing to improve. These tips above set you up for a lifetime of success. 


Guest Post by Luke Douglas


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