How Long Do Online Dating Couples Actually Last?


Unfortunately, a new problem regarding online dating has surfaced.

Years ago, there was a stigma associated with it. Online dating was considered as the last resort of men and women who cannot find love the usual way. In other words, it’s for losers. This is true especially for ethnic dating, like Asian dating and African dating, for example.

Today, thankfully, more people have embraced online dating as a great means of meeting people, especially potential romantic partners. It has bridged couples from all around the world. In fact, several dating apps for Asians, Africans, farmers, and other ethnicities and occupations were even introduced! It eliminated the need to meet up constantly just so you can get to know a person. How convenient is that?

But today, there is something else that is bothering online dating site users all over the world – and that is how long a relationship between couples who met online can actually last.

This question has been scaring several people from giving virtual dating a try. Many believe that a couple who met online won’t go far. Some even think that it will only last until you finally sleep with each other. Others think that there is no romantic relationship that can be built at all!

But, the answer to this question might surprise you. A relationship between people who met through online dating can actually end in marriage! Here’s a few relevant statistics that could prove it:

Out of all the couples who got married from 2005 to 2012, 1/3 met through online dating. Although those figures do not represent the majority of the couples, it is still a significant number. It also keeps on increasing as the days and years go by!

The happiness index of married couples who met online is at 5.64. This is higher compared to the happiness index of couples who met offline, which is just at 5.48. Happier couples equal to longer relationships!

Married couples who met online are less likely to get divorced. If you look at statistics, you’ll see that only 5.9% of couples who met online got divorced while 7.6% of couples who met offline got divorced.

So, you see, you can make your relationship with a person you met online last for as long as you want to. Use that online Asian dating site wisely and make sure you and your partner exert mutual effort to make the relationship work, even if it is long distance.

A long-lasting relationship can be quite challenging, but it can be done!

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