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Guest post: Anyssa McAleer –  theanyssa.blogspot.com

A Watched Pot Never Boils. Staring At The Phone Will NOT Make It Ring. And Now, The Text You Wish Was From Someone Else.

I’m Sure I’m Not The Only One That Is Thrilled To See The Red Indicator At The Top Of The Facebook Page To Let Me Know That I Have Been Acknowledged In Some Way, Shape Or Form. Even More Personally, The Text. Whenever I Hear The Ding Or See The Phone Light Up I Am Giddy. I Try To Morph The Name With My Eyes Into Whomever I Wish It From. There Are Few Things More Exciting Or Disappointing When The Answer Is Revealed.

That Sounds Ridiculous. I Know.

Recently I Have Noticed This More Often Than Not. I Realized That Each Time I Received A Text From A Man I Was Not Interested In (Romantically At Least), I Wished It Were From Someone Else. Yet That Person Was Probably Doing The Same Thing. Hoping My Response Would Be More Than One Word And Preferably Unprovoked.

One Big Human Centipede Of Self Pity.

I Decided To Experiment. Each Time I Received A Text From A Source Other Than The One I Wanted, I Would Then Text A Person I Knew Was No Longer Interested In Me. Better Yet A Person I Knew Was Not Right For Me. The Lack Of Response Or Even Worse The Minimal Response Sucked. It Wasn’t Even About Really Wanting To Be With This Person, It Was More So About My Ego.

Is He Really Not Texting Me Back? Did He Just Give Me A One Word Response? Oh Hellll No!

But That’s Just It. There Should Be No Confusion. No Means No (Especially When It Comes To Rape). The Rejection Seems Much Greater Than An Ignored Phone Call As It Is Much Easier To Push A Few Buttons And Hit Send.  No Matter Where You Are.

Although It’s No Huge Revelation, Texting Has Become The New Form Of PDA Or Lack Thereof. You’ve Seen It A Hundred Times Already. That Girl Sitting At A Table With A Huge Grin On Her Face While Staring At Her Phone. There is No Doubt The Content Of That Text.

Accepting Or Rejecting.

Although My “Experiment” Has Come To An End, The Lesson Lives On.

Stop Staring At Your Phone Waiting For That Light. Especially When It’s Coming From A Source You Truly Know Is Tapped Out. If It’s Meant To Be, The Good Text Will Come When You Least Expect It.

When You Aren’t Watching.

And It Will Be Perfect.

Dirty and Thirty


  1. (Tongue and cheek humor here) Oh Dear, words, words, words. Yes, self-esteem is a fragile thing these days. What a great article. This is should be the new advertisement for Xanax. Its the anxiety that creates these feelings. Its totally psychological, I could not agree more with your post here.

  2. Me says:

    So true. The worst is when you were previously getting return messages and then they dry up. I love this line: “One Big Human Centipede Of Self Pity”

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