Leave Them Wanting More: Best Ways to Dress for a Date


Leave Them Wanting More: Best Ways to Dress for a Date

You’ve just received that long-awaited text or call from the guy you’ve been checking out, and he finally asked you out on a date! After a few cheers, screams, hoots and hollers, the real dilemma sets in: What to wear?! Keep in mind that there is no official rule on what you should wear, but it goes without saying that you should be comfortable. After all, if you look good, you’ll feel good, and your confidence will shine through. And, not to add more pressure, but what you wear could be your first (or last) impression for your date.


The first thing to figure out is the type of venue your date is taking you to. It also helps to know in advance what the weather forecast will be for that particular day, as you want to factor that in if the venue has outdoor seating. You never know what table the hostess has your reservation set for! Once you have the venue and weather cleared, it’s pretty smooth sailing from there.

Ultimately, you always want to feel confident, classy and comfortable on a date. These are “x” factors that will help you enjoy your time more, and will leave him wanting more of you. Your body language is a huge communicator of these factors, so make sure you can sit comfortable in your outfit without worrying about busting out of your top or constantly fidgeting around. And, for Pete’s sake, please make sure you feel comfortable consuming a meal in it without obsessing over whether or not you will bloat after.

I mean, you have waited for this guy to ask you out for how long now? You should be able to focus solely on him, the conversation and the atmosphere – not on your outfit. Without even realizing it, your body language can give off a positive vibe, and who doesn’t want to be around effortlessly positive people? That positivity will energize your connection and enhance your attraction.


So, back to what to wear. For a casual day-date, you can never go wrong with your sexiest jeans paired with a cute blouse that complements your best assets. It’s also a good idea to have a nice, fitted blazer with you on hand to dress up your outfit and keep warm, in case your date takes place on a romantic, chilly seaside patio. Makeup should be minimal and natural, but still highlight your best features. For sexy, plump lips, make sure you have your favorite lipstick on. For sparkling eyes, don’t forget to add a touch of color. It’s also always nice to wear one of your favorite pieces of jewelry, as this can create comfort for you (and may even offer an opportunity for your date to compliment you in a way that leads into a conversation).


For a fancier dinner occasion, a go-to staple is the simple black dress. You can vamp up this universal look in so many ways by adding little details, like colorful heels, a sparkling hair accessory, your favorite purse or a bold necklace. (Again, make sure you are comfortable walking in those heels! The last thing you want is to wince in pain with every step, trip over your own feet or walk at a strange pace beside the guy you’ve been crushing on). Lastly, don’t forget to add a little spritz of your favorite perfume on your way out the door.


Overall, the most important factor of deciding what to wear on a date is to select something that represents yourself as you really are. After all, that’s why he asked you out in the first place! Your outfit’s ultimate goal at the end of the date is to leave him wanting more, since your personality and conversation already did the work of sparking his interest. Don’t forget to smile, and let your inner sparkle shine. Now, go get ‘em, tiger.

Guest Post by Sandy Dapoz
CEO and Founder of Volt Connection

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