Learn These Lessons Before Sharing A Bathroom With A Boy


The relationship is going well. A few dates turned into more, and than that transformed into love. Before you knew it, he asked you to move in and you found a place. Now, you’re living happily ever after. The end. Well, anyone who has lived with their Facebook official boo before will know it’s not over, not by a long shot.


You’ve got brothers, though. You’ve grown up with them and seen all of the things they do and think “it can’t get any worse.” So, the idea of sharing a bathroom, say, isn’t a problem. In fact, they’ll be other razors for when yours is too blunt and can’t cut it, literally.


Ah, to be young and naïve again! Most women start off with this mindset and then reality hits them like a ton of bricks. Please, save yourself the shock and take a class before living together. These are the lessons you need to learn about sharing a bathroom with a boy. Get your pens at the ready before school is in session.


He Will Leave The Door Open


And that’s for number twos as well as a number one. Look, you share a bank account and have spent hours at night talking about your past, so not much surprises you about him. But, this is a step too far. Come on – there needs to be some mystery in a relationship, guys! Oh, and the fact that he likes to sit and watch YouTube videos isn’t endearing. If anything, it’s weird.


Some women are fine with it because it’s a sign that they’re completely open. However, most ladies want to be able to sit and eat their breakfast without being able to see their guy’s junk out of the corner of their eye. Like all things with men, you can’t come out of left field and start swinging; he’ll think you’re cornering him. Instead, find a cute yet serious way to bring up the topic.


Something like “babe, love you, but I don’t want to see that!” should break the ice. For those who haven’t moved into together, write it down as a rule. No peeing and popping with the door open, please.


He May Be Messy


Now, this is the pot calling the kettle black in lots of circumstances because women are as messy as men. Have you seen the bathroom after a makeup glamour session? It looks like it’s been hit by a bomb full of cosmetics. Still, you make some effort to tidy up after yourself whereas he leaves it on the floor. It’s as if he expects his mom girlfriend to wait on him hand and foot.


Plus, the things he leaves behind are pretty gross. The chances are your man has a beard or some five o’clock shadow. Not many guys are clean shaven these days. Well, when he trims his growth, there will be tiny hairs all over the sink basin. Like cockroaches, these things can survive a nuclear apocalypse. Well, that or a gallon of water. Check out https://www.esquire.com/style/advice/a42092/beard-trimmings/ for help.


Figuring out your significant other is a slob is never nice, especially if you’re clean. Plus, nagging only makes it worse. Try and explain to him that his habits are somewhat annoying and your life would be easier if he folded a towel or two. If diplomacy doesn’t work, then scream in his face!

There’s Never Enough Room


At first, bumping into one another while you’re cleaning your teeth and he’s washing his face is cute. Ah, look at us all romantic and madly in love. Sorry to burst your bubble, but that will soon change when there’s a deadline at work and you’re late. Keep your elbows to yourself, man! Seriously, even people with huge bathrooms struggle to share.


Hopefully, you’ll be on different schedules so that you can create a one in, one out policy. If not, then it’s time to get a little creative. Do you remember the bit about keeping the mystery? Well, you may not have the time. Sometimes, it’s okay to brush your hair while he’s using the toilet, and vice versa. Another cool hack is to set up a His & Hers bathroom. Http://www.uniquevanities.com/double-sink-bathroom-vanities.html has double sinks which will save time. Also, you can draw an imaginary line through the middle of the room.


The Holy Grail is to have two bathrooms, but you may have to bump into one another for a while because it’s costly.


Things Will Go Missing


Chandler from “Friends” isn’t the only man to check if he is ovulating. Guys get bored and start to rummage around in the drawers. As soon as they hit the bathroom, they’ll try everything and anything which isn’t familiar. Yep, that includes messing around with pregnancy kits and tampons.


Usually, your beau will take a squirt of shampoo and conditioner when he’s in the shower or borrow your toothbrush. Again, this can be cute in the beginning but it can be a problem after a while. If you can barely afford your cosmetics, you don’t want to waste them on him.
So, tell him you need your cosmetics to look beautiful and that it’s for his benefit. Or, buy him an “impromptu” gift. He’ll love his new body wash so much that he’ll forget about your exfoliate cream.


He’s Not Alone


Hey you, yeah you. Don’t pretend like you can’t hear. Come on, ladies – we all know we can be just as bad as the guys. He’s not alone in having a few bathroom blunders, which is why you need to take it easy on the yelling front. Sure, it may feel good right up until the point he says something which hits home.


That’s not to say you shouldn’t bring up a topic if it bugs you because not venting is unhealthy. However, it’s probably best to pick your battles. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself taking a long hard look in the bathroom mirror. And, he’ll be stood next to you flossing and getting beard hair everywhere.


Are you starting to rethink this moving-in-with-a-boy nonsense?

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