Is it Lust or Love?


Meeting someone is so much easier these days, whether you are hoping for a bit of fun or a long-term relationship, hooking up through a dating site or app has made the dating game completely versatile! Chatting to someone online or through an app is the perfect way to get to know them before you decide to meet up, taking away the pressure. Of course, meeting someone face to face on a first date (without having spoken much before) can be exciting, but it can also be disappointing and even feel like a waste of time if that person turns out to be not what you expected.

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Looking for Lust

Whether you’ve come out of a long-term relationship and don’t want commitment, or you just fancy some fun without any ties, meeting up with like-minded people can add a bit of spice to your life. The term “hooking up” is being used more and more now, describing people who are sexually attracted to each other, flirting via texts or calls (and even sexting), and occasionally hooking up for physical excitement, with no strings attached. They still want the excitement of the chase, the flirt and the physical sex, but do not want to officiallly date or start a relationship with that person. Although it may sound silly, it is worth considering what exactly you want – don’t confuse lust with love!

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Is it Love?

When your stomach does backflips, when you go to sleep and wake up thinking of that person, when you imagine a future with them and can ONLY focus on them and nobody else, then it’s probably love! If you’re single and haven’t found your Prince Charming yet, but you know you want a long-term loving relationship, lusting or hooking up with someone could just complicate things. If you crave a loving, happy relationship then give yourself a confidence boost to get out on the dating game with psychic or tarot readings, where you can get some exciting insight on your future love life. The love tarot may also help you to focus on the future, making you feel optimistic and encouraging you to sign up for that dating site or app and go for it.

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On the Rebound

We all know that jumping from one relationship straight into another is not necessarily the best thing to do. While many of us seem to do this almost as a knee-jerk reaction because we don’t want to feel lonely or heartbroken from the recent split, sadly most new relationships then don’t last long. Our best advice is to give yourself a bit of time, time to heal, time to understand why the relationship went wrong and time to learn what you want from any future relationships. Sometimes when our relationship falls apart, confidence can be low and we either lose the confidence to eventually get back on the dating scene, or we may rebound back to the previous relationship (which is unlikely to ever work). Time to heal, time with your friends and time to gather your thoughts will do you the world of good.

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Final Thoughts

One final bit of advice is to KNOW what you want – whether it’s lust and hooking up, true love or just some flirty fun. So long as you know what you want, then you can make sure that anyone you meet wants the same. Don’t get involved with someone who only wants to hook up, if you want a long-term relationship because it’s unlikely to work if they won’t want to commit. Working out what you want could save you some heartache but also open up a whole new world of possibilities. 

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