How To Know He’s The One

How To Know He’s The One. When it comes to finding a partner for life and to marry, you might think that you’ll simply ‘know’ when the right time occurs. This is true to an extent, but it also does not describe the full picture. After all, feeling romantically swept up can last for a time, but the long-term sustenance a marriage requires means you should be a little more discerning in your choice. It could be that the person you’re with is marriage material, but you are both not exactly read to commit just yet.


Of course, being offered gorgeous Tacori engagement rings here might sway your opinion, and that does show a level of love and commitment that is shockingly enviable, but if you want to be certain you’ve made the right decision, he should fit within these parameters:




He’s always around. This shows that for most of the time he has off work, he desires to be with you. Of course he should have his own activities and hobbies, but if he has a chance to relax with you in his spare time, he should jump at the chance. Married couples can often fall in love out of lust and never really develop past that, however if he is always by your side and enjoys showing you off to his friends, he clearly has an extremely high opinion of you. This is a magnificent positive for any marriage to be blessed with.




If you can have honest conversations, and truly discuss with one another the deep depths of your dreams, opinions, loves, hopes and fears, then you might have a keeper on your hands. It’s easy for people to put up guards against allowing people in, but if you have someone who can break through those guards and give you the comfort and security you deserve, then you throw that away at your peril. This is not the same as never arguing. In fact, arguing can be healthy to some degree. It shows you are passionate with each other, and have the confidence to talk to the other candidly. So long as making up is done amicably, arguments are rare occasions, and you always try to talk sensibly through a problem before it becomes an issue, then you both likely have honest as a central core of your relationship.




Of course, while we may love our partners to pieces, we’re not always one hundred percent behind every activity they enjoy. This might mean you find his football fanboyism boring, or that you really cannot get a grip on his favorite author. Still, if you are more than happy to witness these things due to your love for him, and he does the same for you, then you share a mutual respect for one another which anyone would be envious to witness.


If these three things are on solid ground and are continual features of your relationship, then you should for sure consider getting married. These are the three most sustaining qualities a relationship can have long term, so you’ll likely be starting with good foundations.

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