How to Host the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Party for You and Your Girlfriends


How to Host the Sweetest Valentine’s Day Party for You and Your Girlfriends. Galentine’s Day came about as the character Leslie Knope’s invention on “Parks and Recreation” and became a popular unofficial holiday for women to celebrate women the day before Valentine’s Day. Where’s the official rule that women can’t celebrate each other on Valentine’s Day?

Valentine’s Day is about love, and you don’t have to celebrate it with a romantic partner. Gather all the single ladies in your life, and host the sweetest Valentine’s Day party for you and your girlfriends. Here are a few ideas to get started:


1. Chocolate Chip Waffles and Other Breakfast Noms
Start with Leslie Knope for inspiration, who has a major love for waffles. Hosting a waffle party at your place is a wonderful way to enjoy comfort food with girlfriends. Top your waffles with chocolate, fruit, candy or whatever your heart’s desire. Encourage friends to bring ingredients for mimosas and other breakfast comfort foods, such as biscuits and gravy or cheesy hash browns.

Go all out and tell everyone to stay in their pajamas. Make this the most comfortable Valentine’s Day ever.

2. Invite the Furry Friends Over
There’s nothing like the love between a woman and her dog, cat or rabbit. Don’t leave out the furry friends on the invite list, especially if you’ve a big yard.

The pets will have their own play area and delicious snacks while the ladies play board games, paint nails and watch comedies on Netflix.

3.  Day Trip It
You don’t need an excuse to get into shenanigans with your best gal pals, but Valentine’s is as good of an excuse as any to take a trip out of the city to somewhere new. Where have you all been dying to visit?

Take a ghost tour in an old town two hours away, or visit a vineyard and relax with a glass of wine and a view of the vineyard. Hike a mountain, find a spot with a view and enjoy a picnic.

4. Red Velvet Heart Cake
Celebrate your Valentine’s Day with a cocktail party full of delicious décor and treats. Get your chef hat out and bake up a red velvet cake in the shape of a heart to show your appreciation for their friendship. Red velvet tastes heavenly as a dessert after cocktails and it will look exquisite on a table filled with red roses and amaryllis. Don’t forget the cream cheese icing.
5.  Put Thought into Decor
Just because you’re having girlfriends over doesn’t mean you should skip the sappiness. Now’s the time to milk those fond memories for all they’re worth.

Put sentiment into your decorations. Make every place setting and name card unique for a dinner party. Print out old photos and string them up with clothes hangers and rope as a cute garland. Create a “candy salad” out of everyone’s favorite candy and place it in the middle of all the snacks for your movie night.

6. Chinese Takeout + Homemade Fortune Cookies 
You could always order in for Chinese takeout or make an easy stir-fry. Chinese food is one of those go-to cuisines that only takes minutes to order or prepare and is convenient for diets of all types.

The most creative touch will be when you bake your own fortune cookies, and the ingredients are simple, using only eight tablespoons of all-purpose flour. For the inside of the fortune cookies, type out sweet fortunes, such as “Your smile is as brilliant as you are!”  Make the fortunes interesting, and insert quotes from a favorite show you all love, cracking them open while watching it.

There are many types of love, and none of those should be left out on Valentine’s Day. Gather all the single ladies and get ready to have a ball.

Make waffles and pile on the toppings, from chocolate to sprinkles. Red velvet cake makes the perfect dessert. Don’t forget to invite the pets who can have their own play date while you enjoy quality time with friends. Take a day trip to a winery together for a change of scenery, or order in Chinese takeout.

What makes for the best Valentine’s Day among girlfriends, though, are the personal touches. Share the fond memories with photos and references to inside jokes. Lift each other up this Valentine’s Day, and spend quality time together to share in the love.



Guest Post by Kacey Bradley

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