Happy Hour At Whole Foods


Do you know the saying, “Whole Foods = Whole Pay Check?” Well it’s true everything is so expensive there. So what’s the point of shopping there when you want more bang for your buck? If you are a single women this is actually one of the greatest place to pick up men who have the money to spend their whole pay check.


Think about it… single bachelors, who eat healthy, and have the money to spend at whole foods are probably a good pick. It’s just a theory. My girlfriend does this every so often and she ask’s a guy a silly question like, “What can I make with chick peas?” and boom you’ve struck up a conversation. The rest is up to you. You have to keep the convo going and hope he asks for the number.


Rumor has it, instead of hitting up happy hour at a bar stop by your local Whole Foods during happy hour. If you don’t like the men in your area, then make a trip to the location where your type of men live. Happy hour is the best time, because this is when the men are getting out of work and are looking for diner. Of course look for the ring and make sure the girlfriend isn’t on another isle getting the sugar.


Happy hunting… a tip from me to you!

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