What to Expect When Dating Someone You Met Online


In online dating, love stories should not end in chat boxes or telephone calls. You have to take the conversations out of cyberspace and start going out on dates.

A lot of people can get anxious when they start going out together, especially if the person you are dating comes from another race or culture – like a single Thai woman that you met through a Thai dating site, for example. This anxiety is normal for everyone, but it is something that you should really try to get over.

This guide will tell you about all the things that you should expect when you date someone you met online. It will hopefully help you ease the tension you will surely feel whenever you go out on a date with someone you met online.


He or she may look slightly different than he does on camera.

Even if you do video calls and you think you know what your date looks like, remember that there are other things that a camera cannot pick up. How tall is he, really? Does he smell good? How does makeup change her face? The point is that you expect your date to look as good as you want him or her to, but you could be disappointed when he or she doesn’t reach your expectations. So, don’t set your standards too high.


Expect awkward silences.

Talking to each other personally is very different from talking through a phone or a laptop. No matter how comfortable you get with each other online, you will still experience awkward silences when you go out. It doesn’t matter how many times you’ve gone out before! The awkward silences will take some time to chase away.

So, arm yourself with conversation starters before you go out. These could be jokes, anecdotes, trivia, news bits, or anything else that you can think of.


Expect your date to remember your previous conversations.

The things that you have talked about will be comfortable and safe topics to talk about, so try to remember the conversations you had. This will impress them and show that you have been paying attention to your date, even if you were just talking through an online dating site or app.


Remember the things you learned about your date.

If you are dating someone from a different race, it would also help to remember your partner’s values and beliefs so you wouldn’t say something offensive. For example, it would be sad to see someone you met through an online dating site for Thai women leave you just because you said something that made her feel bad, even if you did so unintentionally.


The Bottomline

Building a relationship requires hard work. You never know what would happen, but knowing what to expect would help you step up your game. You can impress your date and have better chances of taking your relationship to the next level.

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  1. Nice points put together. Loved the way you have tried to express it. Hopefully this help me get something more out from a date. Thanks.

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