Don’t Mind If “I Do”: Part Deux!


I Couldn’t Sleep Last Night. What Else Is New? This Time There Was A Specific Reason. I Felt Like I Had Been Dishonest In My Last Post (Dont Mind  If I do), Or Better Yet, Withholding.

I Already Knew I Was Going To Write More Today. About 20 Minutes Ago I Received A Text From A Friend That Accused Me Of Writing On Auto Pilot.

He Was Right.

The Emotions I Had Been Feeling All Night Were That Of A Post Lovers Quarrel. You Know The Ones I Am Talking About. After Hours Of “Discussion”, A Resolution Has Been Met. Yet 2 Hours Later You Realize You Have Been Bamboozled.

That Someone Had Appeased You Just To Have The Conversation Be Over.

In This Case, I Pulled The Wool Over My Own Eyes.

So Here It Is: The Truth.

I Feel Angry. I Feel Disappointed.

I Am 37 And I Am Okay.

Do I Have Moments Of Wishing For That Other Half? Of Course. But I Refuse To Be With Someone Just For The Sake Of Not Being Alone.

I’m Kind Of Cool So I Do Enjoy My Own Company.

Here Are A Few Examples Of What Really Stemmed My First Blog Yesterday;

The Nosy Armenian– As I Water My AMAZING Yard That I Have Put Endless Hours Of Work Into, I Hear A Creepy Noise.

Was It A Squirrel? A Leaky Faucet? Nope. Just A High Pitched Voice In A Language Unfamiliar To Me. The Hunched Over Elderly Neighbor Was Signaling For Me To Come Closer. Short Of Her Eyeballs Bulging Out She Most Closely Resembled The Evil Queen In Snow White When She Was Disguised As A Peasant.

Slowly Moving Towards The Fence I Hear Her Murmur- In Her Best ‘English’, “No Husband”?

“No. Not Yet”! I Replied In My Most Sincere Fake Tone. It Took All Of My Energy Not To Indulge Her In The Story Of My Beloved That Was Killed Serving His Country. That Would Teach Her To Question Me. But I Felt That It Might Be Disrespectful To Those That Actually Did Die. That And The Flashes Of Her Family Trying To Take In A Grieving Widow. Shudder To Think.

Forgive Me Father For I Have Sinned– After A Quick Trip Home To Massachusetts Last February, I Thought I Made It Out Alive. I Should’ve Known Better.

“What Is That Space In Your Teeth”? He Asked Within 5 Minutes Of Our Phone Call. For Such An Intelligent Man He Seemed To Have Already Answered His Own Question. “It’s A Space” I Replied.

“Does It Bother You?”

“NO! Does It Bother You?” I Shot Back. Venom Dripping From My Spaced Out Fangs.

Let Me Summarize The Rest Of The Conversation. My Father Is Certain That The Space In My Teeth Is What Has Been Preventing Me From Meeting Somebody.

The Most Vivid And Enjoyable Quote “Well, Romeo Is Not Going To Fall in Love With Juliet If She Has A Space In Her Teeth”, Shall Live On In Party Conversations For As Long As I Remember It.

At the End Of Day It Is Me That Has To Be Okay With It.

The Single Life.

The Society That Seems To Be Finding Reasons To Keep Me From Feeling Adequate For Not Being Married And Knocked Up.

AND The Space In My Damn Teeth.

For The Most Part I Am. So Please Don’t Feel Sorry For Me When I Dress My Dogs Up For Halloween Or An Impromptu Photo Shoot.

They Are Cuter Than Most Kids Anyway.


Anyssa McAleer
Dirty And Damn Near 40 Is More Like It For Me. Although I Have No Experience in Psychology Other Than Monthly Visits, My Dream Is To One Day Have An Advice Column.

In The Meantime Blogging Will Just Have To Do.

My Hope Is For Readers To Leave Feeling Something. Even If That Is Disgust.

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  1. Wow, great article, you are very brave for talking about your circumstance. Don’t be afraid to get some professional counseling if you feel you need it. We are all beautiful on the inside, its all about the heart. I love your dog pictures, I gotta ask, what kind of dog is it and is your dog wearing a Snow White outfit? Hope the rest of the week goes better for you.

    • Anyssa says:

      Thank you! Writing Always Helps. My Dogs Are Italian Greyhounds (Vinnie And Frankie). And Yes, That Is A Snow White Dress That Frankie Is Modeling.

      Who Doesn’t Need Counseling?!


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