Do you need a date for Valentine’s Day?


Don’t have a date AGAIN this year?

Is Valentine’s day getting you down?

Tired of sitting home alone every Valentine’s day?

Do you need a date for Valentine’s Day?

It doesn’t have to be this way.

Order Valentine’s day Victor!!

He’s the perfect date.
He listens…
He never disagrees.
He cuddles in bed.
He even works out.
He gets along with your friends..
He doesn’t bitch when you take too long to get ready!
But does he talk? I’m glad you asked.

If you Act now we can also add in optional remote control voice box…. that way when u need a compliment… He’s there for you.

Snapshot 2013-02-04 14-02-59

“Your so pretty!”

With Valentine’s Day Victor u won’t be disappointed with your gift because you’ll MAKE SURE he gets you what you want.

He’s just like a real boyfriend!


Ohhh Victor…


*side effects may occur.


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