Ditch the gown Baby, ordinary is not you!


Ditch the gown Baby, ordinary is not you!

Thinking about a usual bridal dress, straight away strikes our mind – a white gown. It could be a soft silk, body hugging dress with detailing on the edge or light chiffon with lots and lots of flair. It could be an embroidered net bodice with a sweeping georgette skirt. It could be entirely made of lace giving off an extremely feminine air. It could be embellished with hand beaded latticework, three dimensional flowers, pearls and beads. The ideas and choices are limitless but all have one common feature to it: a white gown reaching to your toes and exuding femininity.

Do you have a classic wedding dress? You could have been a tomboy all your life. You might not be in favor of wearing dresses at parties and get-togethers and instead preferred pantsuits or rompers. You had been foregoing makeup and accessories because you just didn’t consider them your thing. Situation is entirely different, now you are planning to get married and suddenly realize that you have to work on your wedding dress.

The idea of a gown does not appeal to you. You have never been into such dresses and will definitely not be comfortable in one now. That is just not your identity and you do not want to wear something just because tradition asks that of you. In a fix? Not really. A non-traditional wedding dress is a big deal only if you make it one. You could still be a great bride and it is absolutely okay to say no to the dress. You could actually be remembered as “the bride who ditched the gown”.

How about a Jumpsuit?


Image: Rare London Cream and Gold Lace Top Jumpsuit

Solange Knowles chose to wear a jumpsuit on her wedding and she totally rocked it. Who’s to say you can’t pull it off too? If that’s your style, be it.

Sexy Top and Pants


Image: The Knot

Wide legged crepe pants are another option for nontraditional brides. Pair it with a suitable top – maybe a strapless or a lacey one.

Brides wear this too!


Image: Pantsuits

Pantsuits are again a great alternative for those ladies wishing to reflect their tomboy personality at their wedding. A well-tailored trouser or capris, whether fitted or loose depending on your preference, paired with an upper and topped with a blazer will definitely do the trick. You have a wide variety to get this vintage look for the big day.

Lustrous Rompers


Image: Cheese Cloth Skirt Overlay Romper

Rompers are totally in this summer. It is not classic like a bridal gown given its playful and comfy appearance, but made out of lace or silk it can totally give you that bridal look without overdoing it. If you are opting for a plain white romper include a statement clutch to give that oomph to your overall look.

The beachy Boho Wedding

Where your wedding is all planned up is a thing to consider before making the choice of the dress and you certainly don’t want a 20 pounds of tulle to a destination wedding probably a beach for that instance. If you still want something that is vaguely bridal than definitely have a go at this lovely Christy Dawn dress.


Image: Christy Dawn

Obviously, moms want their daughters embarced in white and the one above will surely please your mom. It’s light flowy and casual and just a perfect mix of both your mom’s desire and your something out of the box stint.

Why not some Non-white?

It’s perfectly fine darling if white isn’t you. There are so many other cool color options available that would give you an ultra glam look. You want to look yourself more glamourous than a frosted cup cake. Embrace yourself in cool colors and dyanamic patterns. A sexy Grey burnout dress would be amazing at sunset in Hawaii, right? Brides in search of something unconventional, but slightly more formal could check out this dress with long sleeves and daring cutouts.


No matter what your style statement is, walking down the aisle on the big day is something you’re gonna’ cherish forever so you just don’t want leave any stone unturned for this day. Why not give yourself a chance to be remembered as a bride who listened to what her heart said!

Guest Post by Henry Kingston

Dirty and Thirty
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