Clever Post Break Up Confidence Building Activities


When a relationship breaks down, it can leave your feeling like cr** and your confidence shredded. However, with the right activities and self-care, you can get back to your old self in no time, albeit a wiser version of that person that takes on board the lessons that come with a relationship breakdown. To that end, read the suggestions for smart post break up confidence-boosting activities below! Oh, and cut yourself some slack because relationships are hard, and just because this one didn’t work, doesn’t mean that the next one won’t.

Breakups can damage our confidence.


Review your strengths


One way that you can boost your confidence post-breakup is to try and focus on your positives rather than the negatives. Something that can be tough to do when your ex SO’s searing words are still rattling around your head.


With that in mind, it can be helpful to make a list of all the things you think are fantastic about yourself. Don’t hold back either you want to bombard yourself with all the best things you can!


To do this you can include physical attributes, as well as character traits too, you can even pull out the things that you are proud of regarding your relationship and how you acted. After all, even in the worst break up situation you will have had your successes and good times at some point, and remembering your part in these can really help you regain the confidence that you are a good person and that your next relationship can be a success.  


Dedicate some time to you


Next, if you are looking to boost your confidence post-breakup, then it’s a good idea to spend some time focusing on just you. The reason being that you will need to time to heal and get used to the new normal as well, especially if you are used to spending a lot of energy on the other person that was in your life.  


In particular, it can be useful to focus on things that you want but couldn’t do when with your other half, as well as things that you have wanted to do for along time like bungee jumping, traveling to a particular country, or even treating yourself to high-end products.


Then the sense of satisfaction and empowerment you can gain from doing this can help to boost your mood and can encourage you to see that there are positives that have come out of the breakup and that you will continue to thrive on your own.


Dip your toe in the dating pool


Of course, while you will mostly want to be focused on yourself, it doesn’t hurt to dip your toe back in the dating pool either. In fact, being pursued by others can give you a significant confidence boost even if you don’t decide to do anything about it.



With that in mind signing up for services like Megamates phone dating, or creating an exciting dating profile can be a great way to test the water. The former can even provide you with total control as to who you interact with or not as well. Something that means you and you alone get to decide when to move things forward, the best position to be in if you are not yet fully confident in your judgment after a recent breakup.


Cut contact


Yes, it nice to think that we can be friends with our exes, as they have played such a significant role in our lives. However, at least in the first throws of the breakup, it’s a good idea to give each other some room. That means visits are out, as are texts and messages, and if you live together, it really is the best idea to find some alternative accommodation until the wounds of the breakup have healed.


This is because having the other person there for emotional support can not only be confusing and reignite feeling that you would rather not have but can also undermine your confidence in your own abilities to cope without them as well.



Similarly, if you are spending all of your time and energy comforting and reassuring someone else, you will have very little left to spend on yourself, and this can endanger where you need to be in the breakup process. Therefore even if the ultimate idea is to be friends, give your ex a wide berth and doing things in your own is definitely the best and quickest route to feeling confident again after a relationship breaks down.


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