Bumbling Along with Bumble App!

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…And then there was the Bumble app!

With all of these new dating apps coming into play, what makes this app different from the rest?

What makes Bumble App different from the rest?

The woman MUST initiate the conversation FOR THERE TO BE ONE! Talk about power play.

You swipe left and right to match up, just like any other site…but the man CANNOT make the first move. The women must kickoff. This app had to have been created by a woman who could not handle all of the douchey initial comments being sent to her by men on other dating platforms.

So I did my due diligence, took charge and I made a witty comment. Then I “cut and paste” like a champion to all the other men I matched up with (sound familiar Tinder men?) And it worked!  I got a response from almost every guy on bumble app! I liked it. I was in control. I was driving the battleship. The guys responses were…

“Now you feel my pain.”

“This is hilarious, and I’m not hating it.”

“Does that mean you are going to send me a shirtless pic?”

“Welcome to our awkward weirdness.”

“Having the equivalent of a sushi conveyor belt going across your phone?”

“Feeling challenge with the right intro?”

“Worried that everything you say is going to be the wrong thing?”

“With the radio Silence?”

“I just contemplated not responding for 6 days so you can get the full experience.”

“It is a hard life. Now you know our struggle.”

“What is Dirty and Thirty?”

“Are you DTF?”

“Are you gonna take me out for drinks?”

“The power position is sexy. Gotta admit.”

“Kinda tricky, but you opened beautifully.”

“And I now know what it feels like to be a girl.  I am getting very dirty messages, Stefanie.”

“Please, don’t send me a dick pic.”

“Ha, well at least you didn’t open with ‘Hey’.”

“Hey, women are fighting for their rights…it goes both ways.”

“So I’m only in LA for a couple days. I rented a motorcycle and I am looking for someone to have an adventure with.”


I turned into a male chauvinist pig! It took me a few minutes to figure out the “cut and paste” trick.  At first I tried to look at every guys profile to make a witty comment about their pics or interests…then I realized it just took too long, too much time, too much work. So like a good business woman, I figured out how to be the most effective in the shortest amount of time.

The guys on bumble app are hot! I’d say like 70% – 80% are really, really hot and not to mention interesting and smart.  For those of you on other dating apps you know that is a very high number.  I was like… Are these bumble app guys real? Do these guys really exist? Let me tell you…They do!

I am probably getting the cream of the crop right now because this is a new app and it hasn’t gone out to g.p. (general public) yet. Ouch did I sound rude?  I am sorry.  I try not to be.  But it is ideal to get on these apps when they first come out.  You get the good guys first! I always like that. I have had a lot of traction with very cool, hip & intriguing guys. I even developed a “cut and paste”  bumble app response for how my day was going, just altering a few words for each recipient. That is bad and wrong…I should not share that with the interworld.

Honestly, every girl in the dating world should have to do this.  It gives you a perspective on what it is like on the other side.  But, I have got to warn you ladies…PACE YOURSELF! I think I swiped too fast, too soon and now I have too many amazing prospects to manage.  I may have accidentally let a few good ones slip through the cracks on bumble app.  But I guess that’s okay…’cause then you can swoop them up.

So, now I understand why men do what they do on Tinder.  I am also more aware of the b.s. (excuse my french) at beginning stages of a convo on other apps that are not initiated by me, which 99% of the time they are not.  I take it more with a grain of salt unless it turns into one of those great convos that we women love to have.  But, I still don’t get the, “Hey you want to come over?” as an opening intro; or the man who writes in the first line, “Hey, I’d love to get a drink. My number is 323.xxx.xxxx”.  Who in his right mind wants random girls calling for drinks? Well, I think I know who!  I personally want to get to know someone little more and see if our witty banter works for a little while before exchanging digits or even trying to arrange time for an in person encounter.

I even got a little bumble app swiping help from my nieces and nephew!

U ready to be a VIBee on bumble app?

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