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There’s a YouTube video by Jerry Liu Films about what defines a date, and it got me thinking…

There must be so much pressure for men when asking someone out. The courage it takes to approach a woman you barely know has got to be nerve-wracking beyond belief. I, myself, have only done it once. In high school, I asked a crush to Prom and it was a terrible experience haha I just remember an overwhelming anxiety. You know, the kind you can feel in your fingertips? Ya, it was not fun.

Although difficult, I say JUST DO IT (for both men and women). You may happily get a Yes. You may also get a big fat No, but hey, you’ve got a story either way.

I have to give a little advice, though. Make your intentions clear. After watching the video on Jerry’s channel, I began to think of 3 different instances in which I found myself with a guy and about half-way through the night, I asked myself: “Holy Moses, is this a date? Am I on a date? Does he think this is a date??”

In two of those instances, the guy asked me if I would like to “Go To” dinner/a movie. Maybe I’m stupid, but I automatically think Friend Thing when you ask me to “hang out” “got to” etc. I’m sorry, that’s just where my mind goes. Can’t help it. I try not to assume anything because I don’t want to make an Ass out of U and Me. Hey-O! Can I get a high five for that play on words? Just kidding, don’t high five that.

I’m sure a smarter woman would clarify, but I don’t do this boy/girl thing often so I’m naïve to a fault. Plus, I don’t want to embarrass myself. What if I asked, “You mean a date?” And he said, “Phsssh. No.” and then just starts laughing at my expense.

Side Note: You see why I’m single? This is the sort of stuff that goes through my mind. Who’s a classic overthinker? This Girl.

Anyhoo…seriously guys and gals, use the word DATE. Make your intentions clear so that I’m not trying to use every body language in the book to make sure you know it’s NOT a date. You should have seen me in the aforementioned scenarios. It was like Cirque du Soleil up in there.

Bottom line: There will be a lot less confusion if you just give it to me straight.

Lisa U
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