Hello, my name is Tanya and I’ve never been in a serious relationship.  In high school, I blamed it on having horrible acne.  In college, I blamed it on guys not looking for anything serious.  Then I moved to Los Angeles. I continued to attract men who weren’t looking for a serious relationship with me. Some of them were already in a relationship or even worse were married. It still didn’t stop them from trying to pursue me. Others made no effort when we dated, were emotionally closed off or dishonest about dating other people.

I tried every avenue I could think of to find love from Online Dating, Speed Dating, Single Mixers, talking to strangers at bars and even setups through friends. It all didn’t matter. At the end of the day, I kept attracting the same type of man that wasn’t interested in having a serious relationship with me.

Rather than continue to down this road where I kept getting the same results, I decided to start doing some soul-searching to discover what I needed to live my best life.  To my surprise, I discovered at this time in my life, I don’t want to be in a serious relationship.  Last year I dated a man who lied to me about being in a relationship with someone else. It really took a toll on my self-worth more than I realized.

So instead of making an affirmation list to attract love I decided to make affirmations to love myself.

We need to first love ourselves before we can love someone else.

I hope my list will encourage you to do the same.

  1. Success is my natural state. I flourish in all my endeavors.
  2. I let go of worries that deplete my energy.
  3. I choose to not criticize myself or others around me.
  4. I am deeply fulfilled with who I am.
  5. I’m worthy of love.
  6. I’m calm, happy and content.
  7. I surround myself with caring and respectful people who help bring out the best in me.
  8. I am doing my best and that is enough.
  9. I attract money easily into my life.
  10. I am open to love.

Born and raised in Buffalo, NY, Tanya knew from a young age she wanted to live in California. After graduating college, Tanya worked hard to save up enough money to move cross country. She now spends her days working in Financial Planning and her evenings cooking up a storm for her Instagram page Cheesylagirl. Tanya’s many talents include having a keen sense for spotting the most random celebrities and cooking macaroni and cheese from scratch. She’s excited to be a part of the Dirty and Thirty blogging community and hopes to marry Adam Driver one day.
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