A Nerd From The Past Is Your Man Of Today


Ladies, we all know that finding that awesome fun guy can be tough. Dating can be just as stressful as it can be fun. Would your “perfect” guy happen to have “trust”, “time”, and “intelligence”? Well, if that’s the case (and more…), there’s nothing wrong with dating a “geek”. Think Jon Stewart, Masi Oka, Orlando Bloom, and Daniel Radcliffe. These guys are so fire! There are plenty of men out there but if you want one that guarantees you fun… Check out just some reasons why a “nerd” boy is the way to go!


  1. Extremely easy to please – Christmas and birthday made easy. You can probably head out to Game Stop or Best Buy and be certain that you can find a gift that will really please him. It doesn’t mean that you didn’t put much thought in it! Take it a step further and sit down and play with him.


  1. Loyalty – Believe this. Gamers are loyal. The kind of persistence and heart they put into game play and gadgets, they put into anything that is as important in their lives. So you can imagine what you would mean to them! They fully invest in you and can appreciate the fact that a hot chick such as yourself is in their lives.


  1. Good listeners (Most of the time) – When they’re not distracted, they want to learn. Especially if that means learning something from you. Be it a story you want to share, or an article you read on reddit, they will listen, absorb, and learn. Shoot, they’ll even ask you questions about it as they are detail-oriented hotties and want to know more about it. Ah, it’s nice to have someone listen ain’t it?


  1. Problem solvers – They don’t create problems, but they definitely find a way to solve ‘em. If there is something wrong with your computer, you can bet that he’s gonna research and find a way to fix it. If you even got a work problem that you’re venting, his listening and problem-solving skills will make you feel better. He’ll easily research “how to make work better”, and talk it through with you. There’s not a problem you two can’t handle. If you can google, they will find it.


  1. You (probably) don’t need to worry about porn – Unless it’s gadget porn. They are very in love with the female body, but they are also much more obsessed with realistic and idealistic gadgets. Hey, I’d rather have my man be obsessed with the hoverboard and Batman than any Kim Kardashian any day.


  1. Not to worry about the friends he keeps – You can pretty much be sure his friends are not bad influences, especially since most of the time they just want to hang out and watch WWE or play some Guitar Hero. And yes, that’s pretty much all they want to do.


  1. He is smart, creative, and funny – Definitely can hold a conversation up and crack up the situation at the same time. Nerds are filled with so much information I can’t imagine being bored in mid-conversation! I bet that the next gift you get will also be creatively thought out.


  1. You can just be yourself – The solace of being able to be real. No makeup needed, no fake smiles, they appreciate you for being you. For your time, loyalty and attention, they will return the favor with so much more…


This is the kind of man I’d want to be with. Because of their neglected past, they slowly blossom into a hunk of a man but remain humbled by their past. They do not ride out the douche-factor past their prime, like many men nowadays… Nor do they quite understand how handsome they can be. It’s actually quite fun to give him a makeover, he listens and simply agrees with your suggestions. So much fun! They adapt easy and love the simple things in life, and certainly love you.


A nerd from the past is your man of today. 

Kaori is a California born host who loves video games, and the "geek" stuff. A trilingualist (she also speaks fluent French and Japanese), she earned her Bachelor’s at UC Berkeley (Go Bears!), where she majored in communications and pop-culture. She also studied makeup at the Make-Up Designory school in Burbank. Working as a freelance makeup artist, she does runway shoots, wedding ceremonies, and magazine spreads. She moved to Japan for a couple years, where she was featured in videos of big cultural cities like Shinjuku, Shibuya, and Harajuku. She is now back in Los Angeles, and continues to love hosting and video-journaling her experiences for everyone! She was featured as the event host for the Asian Pacific Film festival, and she has covered events like Comic-Con, Comikaze, Yelp Elite events, and great places to eat. She currently hosts after shows and blogs on Afterbuzz TV. Current TV shows she loves include Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Dancing With The Stars, Mystery Diners and WWE RAW. She is half of White On Rice, a weekly live show of nerdy and techy interests on Spreecast.com, and is a DirtyandThirty.com blogger. On her free time she loves playing Skyrim and hanging out with her dog Wakame.

Website: KaoriTakee.com

Follow her @kaorious!
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