5 Factors to Consider when Why Online Dating


Although online dating is one of the most common ways to meet someone these days, it may not be the best way to meet someone. Sometimes, the most popular method of accomplishing something isn’t actually the best method. Despite its popularity, online dating is often a huge waste of time and while you’ll find a large quantity of users on dating websites, the quality of those prospects is lackluster. If you’re a busy parent, you definitely shouldn’t waste your precious time trying to navigate the chaotic world of online dating.

If you are single and wanting to meet someone special, you should refrain from online dating and go about meeting your perfect match a better way. Hiring a personal matchmaker, for example, is a much more effective way of meeting a partner of caliber. This is how you meet someone who is up to your standards. A professional matchmaker is someone who can screen prospects to ensure they’re of high caliber, and match you with someone who suits your lifestyle and your preferences. In case you’re still considering online dating, here are 5 reasons why online dating is a waste of your time:

  1. Too Many Options

The high volume of options you must sift through when you try online dating will overwhelm you. It’s incredibly overwhelming to have to look at such a vast quantity of options to choose from. This is why online dating is such a time suck. You will find yourself spending hours each day sifting through prospects, only to be disappointed with most of them.

It’s incredibly easy to waste more than 15 hours per week looking through various online dating profiles of potential matches. If you don’t want to be overwhelmed by options, don’t try online dating.

  1. Low Caliber Options

Not only are there too many options on online dating websites, but the ‘options’ are mainly people of low caliber. This is especially true if you’re using one of the free dating apps or free dating websites such as Tinder, Bumble, or PlentyOfFish. If someone is paying for a membership somewhere, or paying a professional matchmaker, they’re more likely to be taking their search for a significant other seriously.

People using free dating websites or free dating apps, however, are more likely to be looking for something casual. It’s likely the majority of these users aren’t seriously looking for a lifelong partner.

  1. Online Dating Profiles Are Full Of Lies

Most people lie on their online dating profiles, and they do this in several different ways. People often post great photos of themselves that were taken 10 years ago when they looked better. People will pretend they’re in a better financial position than they actually are. People also tend to pretend they don’t smoke or drink – while also pretending they’re much more active and healthier than they really are.

When you’re set up by a friend or a professional matchmaker, some form of screening takes place. The candidate is vetted. You’re not going off a profile that could be full of lies. With online dating, however, you’re believing everything the person has written about themselves. Since it’s so incredibly easy to lie and paint the best possible picture of ourselves, we shouldn’t fully trust what online profiles say.

  1. People Are Not Monogamous

If you meet someone who uses internet dating as a means of meeting people, chances are they’re not monogamous. Why? Because they have too many options and too many temptations. People who use online dating tend to be greedy. They don’t want to be exclusive with one person, because they’re well aware of how many other options there are.

It’s better to meet someone who doesn’t use online dating websites or dating apps. That way, you know that they aren’t being tempted every single day with notifications reminding them of all their options. Even if someone claims that they’ve deleted their dating apps, they’re probably lying. Most people continue to use online dating to meet more people – even if they’ve recently met someone they’re interested in. Similar to an addiction, they simply can’t stop swiping.

  1. People Are Not What They Seem

One of the biggest problems with online dating is the fact that you never really know the person you are dating. From reading a profile to hours of chatting online, you may think you know this person – but you don’t. From online romance scams and cons to players in disguise, you simply don’t know what you’re going to get online. People aren’t what they seem, and chances are, you’ll find this out the hard way.


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