4 Tips to Help You Get Noticed on Social Media

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Social media is an explosive platform. As soon as someone famous or popular tweets out a message, it will get shared and exposed to millions of people around the world. As such, it’s an incredibly popular way of meeting new people, making new friends and even getting money in some cases. For instance, if you run a business or you’re a representative for something, having a thriving social media account with a lot of followers and friends could make your break your business.

But there are also times when we just want to get noticed. Perhaps we have ideas to share or maybe we want to attract someone for online dating. Whatever your reasons for doing so, here are four tips that will get you noticed on social media.

Pictures tell a thousand words

Words are great. They can be witty, silly, interesting and even informative. However, a well-taken picture can be equally as great for social media and they’re easier on the eye. If your social media feed is just full of text, then you probably won’t have as many viewers or followers as you possibly could. Just look at Instagram, for example. It’s a social media site that’s based on pictures and it’s immensely popular. Text accompanies the images, not the other way around, so why not use a few more pictures in your social media posts? You could even mix it up and add videos.

Have an attractive profile


While you don’t need to take a glamorous photo of yourself, you can use something like a Facebook cover photo template to create a profile page that looks amazing and attracts attention. Since your cover image is usually the first thing that people see when they click on your profile, you want to give off a great first impression. Whether it’s to show your interests, your qualifications or even a hint or professionalism to help you get a job, make sure you don’t leave your cover image on any social media page as the default.

4 Tips to Help You Get Noticed on Social Media


Pin and highlight major posts

If you’ve sad something controversial or surprising that has garnered a lot of attention, don’t forget to let people know about it by pinning your post at the top of your social media feed. This means that when people click on your profile, they’ll see your pinned posts at the top and you’ll draw attention to them first. This is great if you’ve just released some new pictures or if you want people to see an important message you’ve left them. These pinned messages, much like your cover image, should set the tone for your social media profile so don’t make it something that isn’t “you”.

Be yourself

Perhaps the most important thing about a social media page is to be yourself. Unless you’re doing something like setting up a page for your company, you want to make sure that everything you say and do is 100% truthful to your actual feelings. Don’t repeat messages given by other people just to try and get views and don’t tackle or discuss subjects you aren’t sure about. Your appearance is public and if you post something embarrassing or uninformed, it can and will most likely be used against you or be made fun of.

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