Why Should I Buy You a Drink?


Guest Post by Derrick Eppich


I’ve lived and traveled all over the world, as well as been in several relationships; the good, the bad and the ugly.  I am definitely not a perfect gentleman but I still teeter on the gentlemen side of the spectrum.  I can be picky when it comes down to who I date, but it when it comes to who meets the qualifications of the oldest icebreaker, the original hoop of fire between a man and women, that becomes a whole different list of criteria. Should I buy YOU a drink?  There’s a list of qualifications that need to be met before I do, and these can be spotted from a mile away if you look for them.


Big difference between NY and LA:


Girls in New York will never assume you will buy them a drink unless they follow the criteria. They know, to get a drink…to get a good man interested, it takes a lot more than having twin chromosomes.  Where as, women in LA fall short of this criteria.  I will comprise a list for my audience.


Lets not even talk about beauty because that’s in the eye of the beholder. I’ve bought drinks for women because they were interesting and could carry a conversation. That being said there needs to be some kind of attraction; not just physical.  There’s an inner-confidence that is attractive to every man regardless of size, shape, and color.


Why I will not buy you a drink.

Lack of …

1. Personality, no conversation skills

2. Respect for the dollar

3. Appreciation, sense of entitlement

4. Genuine (obvious agenda)

5. Independence (just because you can sucker a guy into buying you a drink doesn’t mean your independent) It is actually the opposite.

6. Class (Above all) – I’ve bought drinks for women on both sides of the bar and sometimes they will send it back or complain about it, don’t do that it shows you grew up in a trailer park.  Not that there is anything wrong with that, but over time since then you should have learned some kind of manners.


Just because I say no, or don’t buy you a drink doesn’t mean I am cheap or am not a gentleman it means you don’t meet my criteria or you went about it the wrong way. You don’t deserve anything just because you have a pretty smile and can procreate. We as men want to meet an interesting lady, not a girl for the purpose of friend or lover.  We as men are not adverse to meeting great people period.


I choose not to be a player at my older age, but I do choose to be a gentleman in the way I see fit.


Dirty and Thirty


  1. For this one I usually either tend to go by economics or if it is an extenuating circumstance. Such as a special occasion, .i.e. birthday, promotion, graduation, engagement, some significant life event. Sure, I’ll buy a drink. Outside of that, its economics, especially if I am a function on a company budget. I am not a selfish guy, I just for better or for worse have some degree of integrity and don’t abuse other people’s money whenever possible. I realize that in town like Los Angels where everybody essentially pays the rent with venture capital it can be a little tough to swallow. If I am on my own funding, I have a little bit more wiggle room. If I do, it is out of true compassion and not motivated by any agenda.

  2. Oh no, I meant I will buy you a drink…

  3. I think you buy a drink if you want impress a girl. I don’t expect men to buy me drinks but if you want me to date you and take you seriously I expect a glass of wine please.

  4. Amy says:

    I’m the opposite, I don’t like it when guys buy me drinks if I am just trying to hang with my friends and chill. I want to spend time with them, not talking to some guy I’m not interested in because I feel obligated. I don’t think there is anything wrong with politely refusing a drink. It’s better than taking it just because it’s free and blowing the guy off anyway!

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