What Your Birthstone Really Says About You


What Your Birthstone Really Says About You. If you want to reveal the traits and characteristics that define your personality, look no further than your birthstone for the answers!

Did you know that the importance of birthstones dates back to the ancient times? The tradition of relying on these shiny stones as a source of insight and perception has its roots in the earliest stages of major religions such as Christianity and Judaism. But while these rocks may reflect an ancient tradition, that doesn’t mean they can’t tell you a thing or two about the future, too.

Whether you were born on a mid-summer day or in the middle of a winter snow storm, you have a birthstone unique to you. The day you came into this world is significant after all, and the jewels attached to these months hold their own sense of symbolism as well.

Check out our list below of the various birthstones and the meanings behind them to find out what your jewel reveals about you.

January — Garnet

Garnets don’t just run red with passion — their wearers do, too. If you were born in January, chances are your love burns red as you’re known for your profoundly passionate nature. You’re eager to learn and expand your knowledge of the world around you, too.

Early explorers and travelers carried a garnet stone for protection to light their path to safety. Unleash your inner voyager by hanging a garnet stone around your neck to showcase your vibrant nature.

February — Amethyst

Did you know that purple was once the color of royalty? If your stone is amethyst, you like to feel a little extra pampered every now and again — but of course, who doesn’t? You’re a dreamer but you can also work towards achieving any vision you put your mind towards, too.

Use your visionary mindset to your advantage! Share your creative thoughts with others and watch as your social life begins to blossom.

March — Aquamarine

Those with an aquamarine birthstone are calm-natured and peaceful like the ocean — as the very name of this stone suggests. You value your sense of solitary and enjoy the more exceptional things in life, too.

In your group of friends or amongst your family, you’re likely the peace-maker who’s always willing to settle a dispute or reach a compromise. Showcase your birthstone with a bold cocktail ring that will help keep you grounded throughout the day.

April — Diamond

Diamonds glisten for a reason. If you were born in April, your diamond birthstone reflects your shining and gleaming personality. Like a diamond, you’re a robust individual with a solid sense of bravery. Diamonds are one of the strongest substances known to man, after all. You know when to let your light shine, but you’re ready to power through any difficult situation with a feeling of bravado, too.

Don’t let your fearlessness push you too far. Use your strong-hearted nature to protect your loved ones while keeping yourself safe, too.

May — Emerald

Green like the natural world which surrounds you, emerald stone-wearers feel a sense of deep connectedness to the universe. If your birthstone is an emerald, you’re an adventurous individual with an intense urge to explore.

Wear your glistening stone on a necklace to help guide you through your natural exploration and life journeys.

June — Alexandrite

Alexandrite isn’t just one color — it shines a variety of gorgeous shades and hues. Like your birthstone, you find yourself willing to adapt to any situation with a smile on your face during the journey.

While your adaptability grants you the ability to merge into any surroundings with ease, you always make sure not to lose sight of your true self in the process. Wear your stone in a bracelet as a welcoming reminder to let your colors shine — just like the gems that define you.

July — Ruby

Flashy like a ruby, those born in the month of July feel an incredible amount of confidence and self-assurance. You’re unlikely to back down from your passions or opinions and are much more likely to assert yourself whenever necessary instead.

Use your confidence to your advantage by seizing the day with an elegant set of ruby earrings that’re sure to catch the eye of your friends and family, too.

August — Peridot

While it’s common to be talkative, those with a peridot birthstone are on a whole other social level. You’re a people-person and you’re unlikely to find yourself stumped on something to say whenever silence ensues.

Wear your birthstone on your ring finger to give you even more reason to talk to those you meet. Your kind-hearted nature and social influence will help others see the light, too.

September — Sapphire

As the seasons begin to change and the calendar marks the beginning of September, the world starts to emit a sense of tranquility. Much like the month you were born in, those with a Sapphire birthstone project a sense of calmness and peace.

While you’re known for your relaxed-nature, you’re also fiercely passionate, too. Use your positive characteristics to guide you in the workforce by influencing others to find their inner-balance as well.

October — Opal

If you’ve ever seen an opal in person, you’d know that there isn’t any other gem that quite matches its unique aesthetic and color with the same glistening display. Like your birthstone, you’re unique and willing to stand apart from the crowd. You’re also independent and charming — which means you’re always the center of attention wherever you go.

Keep your sense of harmony by showcasing your jewel on your earrings with a bold display. Push your hair to the side to let the glistening powers of your birthstone shine just as you do.

November — Topaz

If you were born in the month of November and Topaz is your birthstone, you’re a highly motivated individual who knows when to step up to the job at hand with a sense of eager willingness.

Others look at you as a leader and source of inspiration, so make sure to use your influencing nature wisely. Help lift others up to inspire them to enjoy the finer things in life as you do, too.

December — Tanzanite

Blue like the frosty colors of winter, December babies are known for their sincere and faithful nature. The color blue is often associated with spirituality and devotion — two qualities that sit at your inner core.

You’re also protective of those around you, which compliments your faithful and loyal personality. Add a glistening tanzanite stone to your necklace to let your true colors shine through.

While you may be familiar with your horoscope or zodiac symbol, remember that your birthstone retains a special importance in reflecting your characteristics, too.

Showcase your birthday gem in a ring, bracelet, necklace or with a sparkling set of earrings to showcase your personality in a dazzl and breath-taking way.


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