Wedding Reception Food Trends & Predictions to Watch Out for in 2019


While seeing the happy couple is, of course, the most joyous part of any wedding, we’d be lying if we said that most guests didn’t also care about the food. In fact, we’d go so far to say that any kind of party or event is incomplete without at least a good snack and a few drinks—it simply helps things get going and allows people to relax, enjoy the simple pleasure of a delicious meal, and talk to each other as they eat. If you want to introduce tasty dishes to your own big day, you’ve got very good instincts. The food you serve can make the whole shebang a lot more memorable and fun, and while it’s a little complicated to pick out the right menu, knowing all the upcoming trends is bound to help you out.

Eager to learn all about the things you can offer to your guests to make the day more enjoyable? From canapés to dessert, let’s take a look at what 2019 will bring.

A whole experience in a bite

Modern-day technology and our reliance on social media have made almost every wedding a much more public affair. The couple is usually eager to show off the whole event and make it known that they took really good care of their guests, and finger food is frequently photographed to demonstrate the attention to detail. Luckily, it’s not all about presentation—the trends predict couples who are much more willing to experiment with tastes and provide a unique blend of flavors in the food they serve, and canapés are very good for this purpose. With one bite you can go on an adventure of sweet or savory goodness, and hiring a catering service who understands the importance of creating a layered dish is becoming popular. People want interesting spice blends, pleasurable texture, and generally food that’s unique and creative.

Vegan options

While 2018 was all about switching to organic ingredients, 2019 takes it a step further and brings us a lot more vegan options on the menu. Even couples who aren’t vegan themselves want to accommodate different dietary needs, so there are many plant-based options to choose from. If you are vegan and want to show your friends that the food you eat is actually exceptionally delicious, it’s not a bad idea to present them with more options.

Welcome cocktails

Cocktails are going to be eternally popular at any wedding, and this year we’re introducing the practice of offering a welcome drink as soon as the guest arrives. Rather than champagne, why not pick a nice Negroni to make your toast? Classic drinks are definitely making a comeback, and every good mixologist in NYC can serve up a cocktail that’s carefully crafted to give you an easy buzz and relax you as soon as you take a sip. Go for French 75 if you want to give a nod to tradition, and hire a bartender who can mix it up well and make it look impressive. People will be delighted to have an opportunity to drink something that isn’t their standard Friday night beer or wine, and it helps that a well-made cocktail is usually pretty enough to almost count as a part of the decoration.  

Food as wedding favors

Food is generally a great idea when it comes to wedding favors. It’s very difficult to go wrong if you pick something tasty to give your guests, and you don’t have to worry as much about picking something useful—it’s food, so of course it’s going to be useful. The trends predict that more and more couple will pick out tasty treats to give out, and what’s more, those treats will probably be handmade. Jam, cookies, and custom chocolate are becoming extremely popular options because they’re a very thoughtful touch. You’ll basically be showing your guests you put time and effort into making them something, and you’ll be sharing your love through something as simple as delicious wedding favors.

Late night snacks

It would seem that weddings are becoming longer on average, with some couples deciding to extend their celebrations for up to two or three days. Of course, you absolutely shouldn’t commit to an extended wedding if you don’t want to deal with that much hassle, but if you plan to have it go on long into the night, then you might want to pick out some interesting late evening snacks. Namely, the trendy thing over the past few months has been to pick comfort food we all know and love—burgers, fries, pizza, ramen, anything that you like goes. Basically, choose things that you’d eat if you were just spending time with your friends at your hangout spot, and you’ll be creating a warm and friendly atmosphere for everyone to enjoy.

After so much dancing, laughing, and general merriment in the air, most of us want to sit down and grab a bite of something tasty. Make sure you serve good food at your wedding, and your guests will praise the big day for a long time to come.

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