Wedding Design Trends for 2017


You’ve been dreaming about your wedding since you were a kid. Hair, makeup, outfit, everything that will make you look like a fairytale princess who’s had all her dreams come true. So, there you are, having planned your look to the very last detail, and then you realize at one moment – hey wait, I need to plan other stuff as well. This way, you’ll be a princess walking down the junk yard, and that kind of puts a damper on the whole idea. We tend to focus on how everyone will look, but we don’t really put as much effort into decorating the wedding venue and other small details such as the invitations and wedding favors. But millennials have been raising the standards so if you want to be surrounded with splendor and beauty as you walk down the aisle, check out some of the 2017 hottest wedding design trends that will make your wedding a lot more memorable.

Pick the right theme

Picking the color scheme should be the first thing on your mind because this is the basis for everything else. The outfits, the decorations, the invites – all of this should fit a specific theme. You want to pick between two and four main colors, and then coordinate everything according to your choice. The color of the year when it comes to weddings is dusty rose, so if you’ve been looking for a way to transform your wedding venue into something romantic and classy, this is the way to go. Pair it with a natural green and you’ve got a winner. Nudes, metallics, and pastels are also in, so you’ve good plenty to choose from. Another interesting combo would be a mix of mauve and grey, or maybe a soft peach, with hints of dark green. For those who want to be a little bolder, here’s something interesting – navy and coral, with gold details all around. The point here is to pick something that fits your personality and style. And remember, you’ll be planning this for a long while, so choose something that won’t make you sick to your stomach after seeing it for the millionth time that month.

Give it a personal touch


Once you’ve picked the colors, it’s time to figure out how to apply them to everything else. Hanging decorations are very trendy, so think long flower garlands and soft, shimmering curtains all around. Greenery is also a definite must, but you don’t actually need to go just for flowers this year. Potted plants are an option or even ikebanas. If you’re celebrating outside, make sure you’re surrounded by nature, with trees and shrubs and their cool shade. Also, unique wedding invitations are definitely going to be a beautiful memento, but you don’t need to stop there. Pair your invitations with your menus, and if you decide to give out wedding favors, then the little cards you attach to them can have the same theme as well.

This year is all about customized, personal moments that will separate your wedding from a sea of other, samey events which all have the same focus, the same colors, and the same decorations. The trend of handwritten invitations is growing, and a lot of brides learn how to do calligraphy on their own just for that extra touch of elegance and whimsy. Even the wedding favors can be customized – why not give your guests a tiny batch of freshly baked cookies or personalized chocolate bars? Everyone loves a sweet treat and while you can definitely hire a bakery, a lot of women enjoy showing off their own cooking skills by making their own sweets. With Instagram and Snapchat being so popular, people enjoy having something pretty to look at, something to photograph and show off. If you provide the guests with beauty, they’ll want to make a memory of it, so the word of your stylish grace might spread.


As with any trend, the mark of true style isn’t to follow it, but to take it and transform it into something that’s recognizably your own. 2017 is all about creativity and nature, it’s about presenting you and your partner in a unique, memorable way.

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