Wedding Colours for Fall/Winter 2017


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Picking out the perfect combination of colours is one of the crucial elements in the planning of every wedding. Only with the right choice of hues will you be able to set the mood of the event, and create a magical occasion for all the guests and yourself. From the colour of the centrepieces, through the shade of the ribbons on the chairs, and the entire decor of the wedding hall, every little detail counts. Therefore, make sure you pick out just the right colour palette for your big day, and enjoy the glorious event and even more fabulous wedding photos.


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The best representative of the fall colour palette is most certainly burgundy. Starting from the bridesmaids’ dresses, through the details on the invitations and all the way to place cards, burgundy can be one of the main colours to feature in your wedding. Consider mixing in a touch of gold, such as writing the names of the guests on the place cards in gold, and having the plates and cutlery with gold details. The wedding cake will look beautiful with burgundy touches, such as sugar flowers, fondant roses or burgundy lace effect created with scroll piping technique.


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Mauve is one of the most elegant neutral shades you could pick out for your wedding. It’s easily combined with every other colour, and will look stunning no matter which shade you choose to put next to it. Think about picking out the groom’s tie in this exact shade, to match his grey suit. A wedding bouquet featuring mauve, white, light pink and yellow roses will go perfectly with your white wedding gown. Consider incorporating a mauve headpiece as well. Centrepieces including mauve roses, white lilies, and green details is everything you need for the glamourous wedding hall to look fresh and offer a pleasant ambience. Match grey tablecloths with mauve napkins and mauve macaroons for a sweet treat before the cake arrives.


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Peach, gold and green make a fabulous colour palette for your wedding. Mix Italian ruscus, willow eucalyptus, with gold and champagne mercury glass candles for the ultimate romantic centrepiece. A lush garland is also an amazing suggestion, and it’ll look astonishing if you mix peach roses into it. Consider peach roses in your hair or a wedding dress with a satin peach ribbon and a glistening brooch. Opt for a peach instead of a white wedding cake, and add some more colour to the decor. Instead of going with white high heels, opt for elegant peachy flats to go with your glamorous wedding gown. Dress your flower girls into peach dresses, and have the ring bearer wear peach suspenders over his white dress shirt. You could also opt to serve peach coloured beverages.


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Whether you choose grey as your main colour, or you mix it with other hues, it’ll look classy either way. An iridescent combination of silver and dove grey is just the right choice for a fall wedding. Go for silver cutlery, tealight candles in mercury glass votive and grey tablecloths. White flowers for centrepieces will be the perfect contrast for grey hues. Green details will fit in flawlessly with silver tones, so consider dark green decoration for the silver icing on the cake. Alternatively, if dark grey is more attractive, think about combining it with red. Add a pop of colour to dark grey bridesmaids’ dresses with bouquets made of red roses. Combine dark grey tablecloths, with white chairs embellished with red ribbons for the ultimate contrast.

Final thoughts

Make your wedding day special by picking out the perfect colour palette that will create just the right atmosphere. From burgundy, through peach, mauve, to grey, there are various choices for everyone’s preferences. If you don’t like just one suggestion, feel free to mix and match the hues your own way, and create a unique colour palette for your dream wedding.


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