Ways to Affirm Yourself This Fall


Autumn is a magical time when the leaves change as the earth prepares itself for rebirth. Why not celebrate the changing seasons by getting back in touch with your soul and honoring your unique magic?

You don’t have to spend tons of money or go on a spiritual retreat. You can weave self-love and celebration of the human spirit into your everyday life. Here are eight ways to affirm yourself this fall while saluting and soothing your soul.

1. Start Your Day With Meditation

Your mindset determines the way you see the world, and every morning, you have a chance to start fresh. Program yourself well by starting the day with an uplifting guided meditation. You can find plenty — search for “morning meditations” on YouTube for free resources.

Meditation doesn’t only put you in a positive frame of mind — it may also help you manage symptoms of various ailments. According to the Mayo Clinic, the practice may assist with symptoms of chronic pain, high blood pressure and heart disease, to name a few. Plus, you help shoo away anxiety and restore your confidence.

2. Arm Yourself With Affirmations

Sometimes, you need a pick-me-up in the middle of the day. What can you do? Daily affirmations can improve your mental state while calming your nerves and building emotional resilience amid chaos. Write some of the following on a blank notebook page in your planner to use when you need a boost:

  • You have the courage to move forward.
  • You are in charge of what happens next.
  • No challenge is too great for you to handle. 
  • You are worthy of happiness. 

Repeat these to yourself when you start to lose your happy thoughts.

3. Form a Positive Social Circle

Your social circle can elevate you or leave you feeling empty. Make yours positive by cultivating friendships with those folks who always seem to wear a smile.

Does this mean that you have to turn your back on a friend in need? Absolutely not! If you care about someone going through a divorce or job loss, be there for them.

Learn when to set limits to preserve your mental health. If your friend drones on about the impossibility of finding a job while refusing resume help or invitations to networking events, set a healthy boundary. It’s okay to say, “I feel like a bad friend when I can’t offer the help you want. I need to step away for a bit to give you time to think.”

4. Adopt a New Hobby

Depending on your circumstances, you might not love what you do for a living. If paying the bills means drudging through daily torture, give yourself something to look forward to at day’s end. A healthy hobby celebrates your passions and reminds you that you have a life beyond the cubicle.

Fortunately, the combination of technology and COVID-19 improvisations make it a snap to indulge your talents. Whether you want to learn to cook Mexican food like a native or play the ukulele, you can find free online resources to point you in the right direction. Maybe you’ll start a YouTube channel someday and share your talent with the world.

5. Move Your Physical Body

If your job requires you to work on a computer, you may forget the joy of exercise. If hitting the gym wasn’t part of your repertoire growing up, start celebrating your body now.

Find something that you love. You can find tons of fitness apps that let you explore anything from yoga to HIIT. If you don’t want the monthly expense, you can always walk or dock your iPhone and dance around your living room.

6. Nurture Your Insides While Tempting Your Tummy

Who said you had to wait for new year’s resolution time to roll around to start eating more healthfully? Invest in some quality containers and start meal-prepping to add more whole, nutritious foods to your diet without slaving away in the kitchen each evening.

Learn how to prep healthy grab-and-go lunches so that you don’t waste money and gobble empty calories at the drive-thru. Chop tons of veggies and fruits so that you can bulk up on vitamins and minerals without adding a notch to your belt.

7. Do Good With Bad Memories

Is your old wedding gown still haunting your closets three years post-divorce? Please take it to a consignment shop. Someone else can find their dream dress on the cheap while you rid yourself of old ghosts.

Go through your home and gather up any objects that remind you of negative life experiences. Ask yourself why you cling to them. If you can’t come up with a good reason to keep that unused breadmaker you got as a wedding gift, let it become someone else’s treasure by donating it.

8. Devote Time at the End of Each Day to Self-Care

Do you tumble into bed at day’s end with your head spinning with all that’s left undone? No wonder you find Zzz’s elusive. Instead of tossing and turning, start a pre-bedtime ritual that lets you unwind from your day.

For some, your self-nurturing might take the form of a hot bath. Maybe you prefer a juicy novel or a few minutes of yoga. Take at least 20 to 30 minutes to prioritize yourself, and your improved sleep will give you the energy to tackle your to-do list tomorrow.

Affirm Yourself This Fall With the 8 Tips Above

Fall is a magical, transformative time. Use it to affirm yourself with the eight techniques above and feel reborn.

Jennifer Landis
Jennifer Landis is a wife, mom, writer, and healthy living blogger. She enjoys longs walks around the block with her toddler, prefers tea over coffee, and eats way too much peanut butter. You can find more from Jennifer on her blog, http://mindfulnessmama.com or follow her on Twitter @JenniferELandis

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