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Oceania might not be the easiest destination to pronounce or find on the map, but this region is definitely one of the most magnificent places on Earth. It’s an exciting travel destination that can satisfy all types of travelers from those who just want to chill at the beach to those who prefer to get a nice taste of adrenaline. Oceania is so diverse geographically and culturally, that everyone can find something to match their needs and wants. 

Defining Oceania is daunting even for people who live there. Simply speaking, the region includes Australia, New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and islands of Micronesia, Melanesia and Polynesia. Are you intrigued about this South Pacific region? Here’s a travel guide that will make everything a little clearer and prepare you for your visit. 

What is Oceania?

The region of Oceania includes 14 independent countries. The biggest and most well-known country of Oceania is Australia, followed by New Zealand and Papua New Guinea. All spots have something unique to offer, but if you love diverse trips and want to experience different things without having to travel far, make Australia your base. This country is filled with beauties like the Outback, Great Barrier Reef and a variety of urban centers brimming with life and excitement. 

New Zealand usually attracts nature lovers and extreme sports lovers who want to enjoy true intact nature—this island is perfect for any adrenaline sport. French Polynesia is a dream tropical destination that attracts beach lovers, surfers and divers from all over the world thanks to its perfect marine conditions and a variety of underwater life. 

When to visit?

If you want to hit Oceania, do so between April and August. This is when temperatures start to stabilize and thunderstorms calm down. Unfortunately, tropical cyclones are unpredictable and can occur at any time of the year. When you decide to embark, make sure to take out good travel insurance that covers natural disasters that might prevent you from taking your trip or enjoying it. If your dream is to do some whale watching or swimming with whales, plan your trip later in the year, from July to October and hit Tonga. 

Should I consider Australasia?

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Australasia is a region in Oceania that includes Australia, New Zealand and Pacific Ocean islands close to them. This region might be remote, but it’s easy to explore even for beginner travelers since everyone speaks English and there are regular flights heading to different countries. If you want to see some amazing scenery, make sure to visit Australia. This is home to the Great Barrier Reef, various Aboriginal holy sites and best scuba diving places in the world. Australia really covers all imaginable landscapes (from deserts to snowy mountains) so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to explore. 

Nearby New Zealand is also rich in natural beauties even though significantly smaller. This charming island is heaven for travelers looking to enjoy nature because you can visit everything from towering fjords to mountains and interesting geological occurrences. If you want to snap some breathtaking photos or explore different regions, make sure to pick any destination in New Zealand and you’ll have a trip of your life. Wherever you go, you’ll be greeted with wonderful nature, friendly people and cute animals—that’s what New Zealand does best. 

What about Melanesia?

If you grab the world map and look a little north of Australia, you’ll find Melanesia—New Caledonia, Vanuatu, Fiji and the Solomon Islands. Even though small and not well-known, every island has a rich history, unique landscape and welcoming culture. While remote, the region has regular flights from Australia and New Zealand and even some direct flights from Asia and North America. 

Is Micronesia right for me?

If you take a look at the northwest region of Oceania, you’ll see Micronesia. This region is known for its tropical islands and beaches. If that’s your cup of tea, make sure to book a stay at the Marshall Islands, Kiribati or Nauru. Even though they sound very foreign, English is widely spoken and you can pay with the US dollar in most places. 

Why visit Polynesia?

The most remote region of Oceania is called Polynesia. Thanks to its isolated position, this region is blessed with some of the most intact islands in the world. Polynesia is home to Bora Bora, Easter Islands and Tahiti, spots that produce those paradise beach photos we always drool over. This region is also easy to navigate for foreigners since locals speak English, French, Spanish and various Polynesian languages. 

How to get around?

Flying is the best way to island-hop. Brisbane, Sydney, Auckland and Nadi in Fiji have plenty of connection flights to various destinations in Oceania. If you’re heading to some less popular spots, make sure to be patient and expect spotty connections.

No matter if you’re looking to explore nature, try your hand at adrenaline sports or just want to relax at the beach, Oceania will provide you with plenty of opportunities to get what you crave. So find a good deal and pack up! 

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