Planning a fun, summer getaway? Enjoy your vacation without having your fitness routine suffer while away! Here is a quick 15-minute workout to make you break a sweat and get you feeling good while you are on your trip. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, no worries! You can do this in your hotel room, beach, park, etc. before you hit the pool or get your tourist on.

Set your timer for 15 minutes…have your towel and water nearby…put on some music or your favorite show…and get ready to sweat! See how many times you can complete the circuit in the 15 minutes!


15 burpees

20 squats (add squat jumps for more of a challenge!)

15 sit-ups

20 split lunge jumps

15 abs toe touches (lay on back, feet straight up in the air, reach for toes)


*Listen to your body and take quick breaks or grab water as needed after each circuit or two.

*Remember to maintain good form the whole 15 minutes.


Have a fabulous summer vacay!

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Tiffany Angulo
Born and raised southern Californian. Tiffany is the co-founder of The Pretty Little Lifters.
She wants to inspire people to make healthy changes to their lifestyle, become active & fit for life, and to feel & look good.

IG: @theprettylittlelifters

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