Top 10 Pregnancy Diet and Lifestyle Tips


So, it finally happened – you’ve got a bun in the oven! Congratulations! You must be feeling ecstatic and a bit worried at the same time. Yes, there are certain precautions that you should take while you’re expecting. If you’re overwhelmed by countless advice and don’t know where to start, here are some tips on how to carry to term without stress.

1. Eat properly

It’s completely normal to have cravings during the pregnancy, but still, being careful about what you eat is a must. You should try to consume a diet rich in proteins, fibres, vitamins and avoid too much sugar. In case you can’t control your sweet tooth, opt for fruits, yogurt and nuts instead of processed sugar. And remember, now that you’re pregnant, you’re allowed to treat yourself with some Nutella and nachos at 3 a.m. if you feel like it! Just try not to take it too far!

2. Stay hydrated

Going to the restroom while pregnant is no joke, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t drink enough water and other healthy beverages. Alcohol is a big no-no, but a non-alcoholic cocktail is fine. It’s important you stay hydrated, especially if you’re carrying during hot summer months. You can also drink herbal teas, milk, freshly squeezed juices, flavoured water and smoothies.

3. Exercise

Physical activity during pregnancy is something you should definitely consider, especially if you used to work out. However, if you prefer watching TV, there are options like walking, yoga, and swimming which you may find equally relaxing. Pregnancy exercise can minimize common symptoms like fatigue and morning sickness and it also boosts your self-esteem and improves sleep quality.

4. Don’t neglect your health

Aside from regular checkups with your gynecologist, you should also pay attention to the rest of your body. Do regular blood tests and go to your dentist, because once the baby arrives, you’ll have other things on your mind. Pregnancy is the time you should dedicate to yourself, and that should also include taking care of your health.

5. Don’t panic

You have learned how to prepare for pregnancy very well (obviously), and now you are trying to do everything you can to be the best pregnant version of yourself. Advice and suggestions abound, and you’re analyzing all the experience you have had with your friends’ or relatives’ children. However, some things you will never know for sure until your own baby arrives to this world. That’s why it’s pointless to stress yourself and panic over things which you’ll learn anyway once the baby comes. No need to be anxious. Everything will be fine.

5. Eliminate toxic people

This one is advisable even if you’re not pregnant, but it’s even more important during pregnancy. There’s no need to overwhelm yourself with petty people and meaningless gossiping since none of those will help you in any way. Instead, focus on your well-being and spend time with people who wish the best for you.

6. Don’t apologize

Pregnant women deal with tons of pregnancy side effects like changeable emotions, fatigue and foggy brain. Even though it might cause some mishaps, you don’t need to frantically apologize for forgetting certain things like your wallet or texting back. Same goes for some physical symptoms. You don’t need to feel sorry about feeling or acting a certain way. Obviously, that doesn’t mean you should treat people badly or act irrationally.

7. Try to learn

If this is your first pregnancy, you probably have a lot of questions, so trying to learn is something you should do, preferably with other people. Try spending more time with your friends who have children, read as much as you can and if you can, meet new moms-to-be. That way, you can swap tips, and who knows, maybe even form long-lasting friendships.

8. Include your partner

You should always include people close to you. Your partner might seem uninterested, but maybe they don’t know how to communicate their concerns and doubts. Talk to each other, and do all the stuff together — from doctor’s checkups to shopping. Your family should also be involved to a degree. Even if you might feel that nobody understands you, your loved ones are those you should always count on.  

9. Sleep

Maybe you have issues to fall and stay asleep, or you’re sleeping too much. All of this is normal for pregnant women. If you can’t find a comfortable position to sleep in, get yourself a pregnancy pillow. Listen to the soothing music, meditate and turn off the lights. Ask your partner to spoon you. Use the chance to sleep as much as possible before the baby arrives.

10. Be positive

Staying positive sounds like a self-help mantra, but honestly, it’s the best you can do for yourself, your baby and people around you. Instead of focusing on the negatives, count your blessings and be grateful for everything you have. Try to find good in other things. Your baby will be thankful for all the positivity. Remember to smile every day and enjoy your pregnancy to the maximum.

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