Three Unusual Tips For Living Your Best Life


A life well lived is not about cruising along in the middle lane. Wanting to do more, be more and experience more begins with pushing yourself – out of your comfort zone and on to the next level. Just like adding a few extra reps to your workout, challenging yourself to a higher level can be a little painful at first, but the gains are always worth it. Instead of sleepwalking through your days at work and frittering away evenings on Netflix or gaming, suddenly everything has to be a little more intentional. You have to ask yourself, what is this activity adding to my life? There are three main components to living successfully: a fulfilling career that you find rewarding, relationships that make you feel loved and supported and being in great health. It takes time, commitment and energy to make all these pieces fall into place – and here’s a little push to get you started…

Overhaul Your Diet

That old saying that ‘you are what you eat’? Turns out that there’s more than a grain of truth in it. To be a high-achiever, you can’t fill your body full of processed rubbish. Your mental and physical optimum health demands better. In good health, you are much better positioned to succeed in all areas of your life, fight off disease, maintain your energy levels and stay young biologically. You could try the 30-day keto challenge from KetoLogic to kick start a cleaner eating regime or look into intermittent fasting, which has been shown to have a range of health benefits. Aim to ‘eat a rainbow’ of fruits and vegetables each day and switch your carbs to complex ones – swapping out your white pasta for wholewheat and your regular potatoes for sweet potatoes. Making a few smaller changes initially can give you a boost and ease you into making better choices.

Get Busy More Often

Having more sex doesn’t just put a spring in your step-recent studies also show a correlation between increased sexual activity and longevity. Several studies in Europe have shown a clear link – plus, the benefits of having sex include a stronger immune system and the benefits of more oxytocin to the brain. Not that you needed any more reasons! Within the context of a relationship, frequent sex also prompts more trust and better communication – all enormously beneficial for mental wellbeing.

Be Curious About The World

Have you ever come across the term curiosity quotient? It’s a term coined in the Harvard Business Review to describe those who enjoy and seek out novel experiences, are more creative, and tend to think outside the box. Having a higher CQ score also makes you more tolerant of ambiguous situations, which in turn means you’ll be better at managing complex scenarios, both at work and in your personal life. Switch on your curiosity by trying new things, actively seeking out new experiences and continuously learning – the fact that you’re reading this article is a good start! Not only can it give you an intellectual boost, it will keep you young at heart.

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