The Thoughts You Need To Be Confident & Happy In The Modern Age


We all know that the world is seemingly ramping up in it’s chaotic nature. Politically, the news cycle seems to provide us with something to be shocked at reliably every 24 hours. The world is running into tremendous difficulties, and this can leave us feeling deflated and sometimes even depressed about the state of it all. As someone simply trying to survive and raise a family as best as you can, you may feel that your capacities of a mother are being stretched so thinly that learning about the news cycle can make it all feel overly draining.


For this reason, there has never been a better time for you to take a break, reassess how you approach yourself and your life. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should take a break to survive in the coldness of Alaska on a spiritual adventure, or that you should give up your family to become that Hollywood actress. The grass is always greener, and all that feeling gives you is the lack of ability to look inward, and see how you approach your life and being here on this earth.


We’d argue that living more happily, becoming more in contact with yourself and your family, and simply being a friend to yourself requires the correct set of thoughts, told to yourself at intervals throughout the day. Living a healthy life is not something you should take for granted. It takes effort and maintenance, the same caring behaviors which help you stay such a good mother (and we know you are.)


To feel happy and confident, despite this sometimes worrying modern world, you should routinely maintain and develop the following thoughts:


I Am Confident


Simply saying the words ‘I am confident, I am capable’ in the mirror each morning can help reinforce a positive feedback loop which helps you believe it. Sometimes it’s too easy to fall into the trappings of your mind and replay your insecurities to yourself over, and over, and over. Breaking this perceptual cycle by continually affirming to yourself you are wholesome, able and confident will help you start the day believing it. This can help you in a plethora of ways.


For example, instead of using your money to purchase comfort food, you might use it to purchase tape in hair extensions, helping you experiment with your look and feel confident and powerful in public. These behaviors emanate from your thoughts, so you should be watchful of them. If you’re having trouble with this, remember that it can work both ways too. Dressing better, readjusting your makeup schedule and giving yourself that treat of a clothing item you’ve had your eye on for a while tells you on a physical, objective, material level that you have plenty of self-worth.


I Am Loved


Humans need love, and they need social connection. The best method to gain this is to surround yourself with people, but not only that, the right people. Your family are often there to serve this need, but be sure you are maintaining the relationship. Just because your family surrounds you doesn’t mean you should take their fondness for granted. If you feel you are loved, and tell yourself you are loved, you will be more likely to act in that way, and spend more time relaxing with your family, or indeed friends, and this can be the best medicine you ever need.
With these tips, you’re sure to subvert all of the temporary and visible madness of the modern world, and stay happy with your lot.

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