The Perfect Guide to Buy Gold Jewellery for Your Lady Love


Jewellery and women have a divinely blessed eternal relationship. We consider ourselves the best boyfriends and husbands, but when the time comes to buy a perfect piece of jewellery for our beloved partner, we find ourselves often in a dilemma as all the women have a diverse desire when it comes to jewellery. While some women adore diamonds, others can’t get their hands-off platinum bands. And then comes the array of women who are enticed only with gold jewellery. And when it comes to women, their taste isn’t the only thing that matters, the type of celebration one put them on matters too. Hence, when a lover or husband decides to buy a piece of jewellery, confusion is inevitable. So, here’s a handy guide to clear up those doubts!

1) Always have a basic idea of what she likes: If you observe closely, you’ll definitely find a small hint about her choice of liking when it comes to jewellery. It’s your duty as an ardent and loyal partner to look for it. The lady love in your life will surely prefer a light gold chain, so it’s your job to find about various 10-gram gold chains designs with price and keep yourself updated.

2) Monitor her closely as she shops: You just have to pay attention to her while she is shopping and look for that glint in her eye when she picks something new, as that’s the one piece she loves the most. Do this the next time you both shop together, and you’ll surely get to know a thing or two about her likings!

3) Value of emotions: Women are emotional human beings, and there’s no doubt in that. So, it’s better to involve some emotions and sentiments in your shopping too. Gift her a pendant with a photo of you together, get your anniversary date engraved on a ring or anything personal and she’ll never forget that gift ever!

4) The Pandora’s box: Every woman keeps their partners close, and jewellery closer. So, from time to time explore the insides of your woman’s jewellery box and take a closer look at the type of jewellery present there. It will certainly help in knowing what she wears and what she already has in her collection.

5) Check her favourite colour for clothes: Women usually buy their jewellery based on their clothes. So always be aware of her favourite colours for clothes and then buy jewellery matching the same. She will be pleased for sure.

6) Ensure if she’s a minimalist or a maximalist: Women’s fashion trends are always changing. One day being a minimalist is trendy, and the next day being a maximalist is. So always ensure before buying something for her what’s in fashion nowadays or what she prefers to wear. You might have to look for gold earrings designs for daily use or a heavy antique 5-piece bridal set, only according to her choices.

Now you have a handy guide which will surely make your shopping experience more convenient and worthwhile. Go ahead, buy a piece of jewellery for your better half and surprise her!

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