The Most Breathtaking Views Across the World


The world is a huge place, and time and budgets can be limited. So how do you decide where you should make the trip too first? Well, why don’t you start with having your breath well and truly taken away?

These five amazing views around the world are sure to do just that. From the mountains of Australia and Brazil to a Croatian National Park. From a natural view in the Arizona to a man-made view in New York. Read on to find out more about what is on offer at these destinations.

The Most Breathtaking Views Across the World


Corcovado Mountain

Located in Tijuca Forest National Park, in Rio, Brazil. As for what you’ll find here? This is where the Christ the Redeemer statue sits. There is a stunning short video on the view over on The Telegraph. You might need to get some climbing practice in first!


Plitvice Lakes

Located in a Croatian National Park, the Plitvice Lakes consist of stunning blue-green water. This water snakes across a whopping 16 lakes. You can’t swim in them, which is a big shame, but you can take boats out in the water. If for any reason the lakes aren’t enough for you, you’re in luck. The National Park is also home to the dramatically named Veliki Slap, which stands an impressive 70m tall. Visit Croatia have a cracking guide here.


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Manhattan by air

Named by many as the most amazing city in the world, New York is incredible from the ground. But have you ever seen it from the air? If not, you’re really missing a trick. If you’re lucky, you’ll have seen a glimpse from an airplane. However, the best way to see it is via a helicopter tour. You’ll be able to take in all the big sights from a whole new view, from Central Park right down to the Statue of Liberty. If you’re taking the trip as a couple, consider joining up with another pair. That way you’ll get to enjoy all the same views but can split the price in cost.


Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains of Australia are a real sight for sore eyes! As for where to stay after a long day of exploring? Well, there is a little place just one hour from Sydney that you might never have even heard of. The Love Cave is exactly what it says on the tin! A cave made for love. The interiors and furnishings are pretty sweet, but it’s all about the view at this place. Check out the Love Cave now.


Grand Canyon

No list of the most amazing views of the world would be complete without mention of the Grand Canyon. 5 million people visit each year, which is a pretty impressive number! Thanks to the Skywalk, which opened only in 2007, the views are even easier to enjoy. The floors are glass so you can see straight through. Not great for those who suffer from vertigo, but mind-blowing for those who love a view. After all, there will be 20,0000 whole feet between you and the base of the canyon.

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