The First Ever Dirty and Thirty Poetry Slam

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Parenting makes you silly.  It’s the sleep deprivation, the constant role of entertainer to a little person with the attention span of a gnat, the close examination of poop’s consistency and color as if it’s a diamond, the sleep deprivation…wait, I said that already.  The point is, the insanity of these daytime moments often lead to some after- hours silliness.  When the baby goes to bed, your brain is so fried that you still do silly things, like, say, get into a two-hour conversation with your husband that, for the sake of this blog, can be succinctly summed up as “why poetry?” and then issue a competitive in-house poetry challenge.  Just as an example.

Okay, so that actually happened in my house this week and it was pretty hilarious.  It started as an honest tête-à-tête about how I need to find more time to write.  Somewhere along the way my husband joked that I should pursue poetry – “less words, less time” – as my new creative career.  And then, before we knew it, we were using our parenting woes as inspiration for the first-ever household poetry slam.  (I won!)  Believe it or not, all of this happened without a drop of alcohol to fuel it.

Because our poems were wrought with inside jokes and personal back-story, I will spare you the chore of reading them and trying to make sense out of the very private nuggets of humor that had us bowled over laughing.  I will, however, challenge you to do the same.  What started off as something completely spontaneous and ridiculous turned into a vehicle to unload some feelings about our marital and professional status quo and how parenting has impacted those major tenants of our lives.  It was therapeutic.  It was intimate.  And it was damn funny.

Not only that, it inspired the first ever online comedy poetry slam!  Here is your challenge: write dueling poems with your significant other until you are red in the face from laughing so hard.  When you’re finished, send us the best pair of poems, preferably that will appeal to a wide audience that probably won’t understand your inside jokes.  The winner will be published in this blog and receive all the trappings of social media recognition, as well as a super secret party prize pack.  Poems are due at 11:59 ET on June 16th.  The winning couple will be announced on July 1st.  Submit to

Good luck!

Jeanette Issa

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