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An important percentage of the world’s population is doing whatever they can in order to make this world a better place. Not only are there amazing campaigns to get rid of plastic and harmful waste, but there are also very interesting ways to clear the beaches and make this world a better place (if you haven’t seen the amazing thing that PornHub did for the state of our dirtiest beaches, take a look). But apart from that, there is the phrase “sustainable living” that you have probably heard of in the last couple of years. But what is that exactly and how to make our living sustainable?

What is “sustainable living” and what are its principles?

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Sustainable living is our effort to live a life free of carbon, and our attempt to reduce the carbon footprint on the environment. This is done through one of the following 4 principles that count as  the pillars of sustainable living:

  • Being eco-friendly, a topic that we will discuss a bit further down. This is perhaps the most important principle of sustainable living, as without it, we wouldn’t be able to worry about our environment.
  • Paying attention to the animal welfare. We live in the day and age when it is simply a must to care about the animals and protect all the species as much as we can. However, this does not have to associated with the vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, but to buy products that do not harm animals in the process.
  • Practicing global health enquiry, which is there in order to serve environmental safety of people who live and work in various parts of the world, where worker’s exploitation is very common. Raising awareness on such matters is extremely important.
  • Personal health, which is basically always working on yourself and paying attention to the things that are good for you, the environment and the people around you.


How to be eco-friendly

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Being eco-friendly, or also known as being green, is one of the most popular trends of today. However, unlike all the other trends, this is a trend that actually matters. It is popular and rather good that people are paying attention about the planet they live on, but we still need to work harder and educate other people as well. The first step towards this is, of course, recycling. Apart from that, you can also opt for high-quality eco friendly household products which will help you make your own home into an eco-friendly space. This will furthermore motivate not only you, but also the people who spend time with you to be eco-friendlier and work more on the welfare of the environment.


Be careful what you’re wearing

One of the ways to tick the first two or three principles of sustainable living off the list is to pay attention to what you are wearing. Buying ethically and sustainably made organic clothes is not difficult today, so if you have the option to be good to the environment and the animals around you, why wouldn’t you take it? People in different countries work so much and are extremely exploited so that you have the clothes you are wearing, and you will probably store them when the season ends and wear them a couple of times after that before you finally throw them away. Buy clothes that are made out of natural materials and clothes that are free of toxic materials. Also, ask questions about the way these products are made. Sometimes you might pay a bit more for a piece of clothing, but you will be participating in something good and humane. 


Find alternatives for single-use products

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Finally, one of the most important tips that shouldn’t be at all difficult or expensive, is to find alternatives for all the things that have single use. For example, if you use plastic containers for your drinks or meals, make sure to substitute them with something that you can wash and reuse once again. Switch plastic forks and knives for metal or wooden ones, and try to find an alternative for plastic straws. There are paper straws that you can use, and some bars have even started popularizing pasta straws as well. This is the proof that you can always think outside of the box in order to be more sustainable and minimize the use of plastic as much as possible.


Do you want to be modern and follow the latest trends? This doesn’t mean that you should go and buy the most expensive jacket that you can find – this means that you have to start worrying about the things around you. Unless we do this, there will be no world where we could rock the latest fashion trends. Think about it. 

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