How to Start a Fashion Blog and Make It Awesome


Blogging has become one of the most popular professions in the last couple of years, when thousands of fashion blogs emerged, becoming true brands for themselves. Fashion bloggers are definitely some of the major influencers in the industry, and they get to work with the most prominent world’s designers, walk the runways, and sit in the front rows of every Fashion Week around the globe. Of course, many girls dream of such job today, which shouldn’t surprise us at all.

If you want to start a fashion blog too, just keep reading and learn how to make it more than awesome!

Pick the best blogging platform

The first step towards starting your fashion blog is picking the best blogging platform. WordPress is one of the most commonly used platforms loved by so many bloggers from all over the globe, and it comes in two different options – and

If you want to really own your blog and make some money from it, then you should choose the second option. This platform is self-hosted, contrary to which won’t let you implement advertising on your blog. This means that technically you don’t own it. Instead, WordPress does.

Besides that, you should also pay a lot of attention to the overall look of your blog, especially because you want to run a fashion one. It has to be aesthetically appealing, or people won’t take you seriously at all.

Choose web hosting service and a domain

A web host service will allow you to make your blog accessible via the Internet, so you can’t own a space without having it. Bloggers often opt for Bluehost and HostGator, which are some of the most popular web host services out there. When talking about expenses, the fact is that you’ll need some money in the beginning. After that, you won’t need to invest large amounts of money in it, unless you decide to advertise it via Facebook or to join some giveaways.

Picking a domain is another thing you need to do, and it’s definitely one of the most important steps towards making your blog recognizable. Your domain is basically going to be the face of your blog, so be sure to think about some potential ideas and choose the best one wisely. You should also know that many domain names are already taken, so it may take you some time to find one for your blog.  

Find a good photographer

Creating content is probably what’s drawn you to fashion blogging, and the truth is that these days, it’s focused mainly on images. Quality photos are what you simply need to have if you want to succeed as a fashion blogger, so finding a photographer should be your next step. Of course, you shouldn’t immediately hire a professional one, especially if you’re a beginner with a limited budget. You can always ask your sister, mom, or a boyfriend to take photos, or maybe a friend with a good camera.

Besides that, you can always download photos for free and use them in your blog post. There are hundreds of amazing free photos at Burst you should check out and use if they’re appropriate for your topic. Just make sure that your photo selection is authentic and eye-catching, because that’s exactly what differentiates excellent blogs from average ones.

Market yourself through social media and collaborate with brands

Social media are an extremely important factor when it comes to marketing your blog, so make sure to dedicate enough time to your Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Pinterest, and Twitter accounts. Of course, Instagram comes in the first place since it is image-centered, which is why fashion bloggers love it so much. Besides that, it’s highly likely that you’ll find a lot of brand collaborations on Instagram, so give your best to utilize it as much as you can.

Of course, working with brands isn’t a thing that’ll happen overnight – you’ll have to invest a lot of effort, time, and sweat before someone reaches you for collaboration. The fashion industry can be really harsh and merciless sometimes, with many brands sending you free stuff in exchange for a blog post. Remember that you should never work for free – even though you get a free product, you actually provide a service for a particular brand as well, so they should compensate for the hard work you’ve invested.

As you can see, starting your fashion blog and making it awesome definitely isn’t a piece of cake, but you shouldn’t be afraid of getting it done. Just make sure to follow our steps and you’ll manage to do it without any problems. Be patient, persistent and devoted, and your hard work will surely pay off in the end!

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