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I travel almost once a month and there are a few things that I see that people are doing wrong. Here are three things that will help you travel with less stress and help you save money:


Packing. The worst thing about coming home from a trip is putting the clothes away that you didn’t wear on your trip. Wouldn’t it be easier if at the end of the trip you just dump your dirty clothes in your laundry hamper when you get home, and ta-da your suit case is empty! Well pack light ladies, I know you like options but make sure your options fit in a carry on suitcase. You will save money because you don’t have to pay for your bag to ride on the plane with you. Also everyone is doing it, which means by the time you get to the gate the attendants are begging people to check their bags because the overhead bin is full and they do it for free. It’s a great way to beat the system that is trying to take your extra money that could be spent on your trip.


Also, what is the deal with people playing Angry birds for five hours across country? Isn’t there a movie on your laptop that you’ve been dying to see? Or a book, or a magazine that’s been lying on your bed stand for months now that is still book marked on chapter 2? Don’t you have a to-do list to write up or some goals you can be jotting down? When traveling, make sure you are using your time wisely, and then play your video game apps. This will alleviate stress when your trip is done.


Pack warm for the plane and bring a scarf. When traveling I always bring a scarf, two hoodies and warm socks. If you’re traveling with flip flips your going to want to slide those off and wear some warm socks so your toes don’t get cold. You’re also going to want have a hoodie or jacket to wear and then I also put the extra hoodie over my face and make a cocoon or lean on it as a pillow if I get a window seat. Lastly, you are breathing in circulated air where you have germs flying around. Before you even take off, count how many coughs and sounds of people blowing their noses that you hear. Ew germs. I tend to wrap my scarf around my nose which covers my mouth and then wa-la I’m not breathing in everyone else’s germs and I avoid being sick on my trip.


I hope my flying tips will keep you healthy, warm, and less stressed out.


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