Spritz & Sunshine & Seafood – Say Bye, Bye to Summer in Australia


Ah summer, the most wondrous time of the year. It’s full of warmth, sunshine, and laid back kind of fun, and for most of us, it’s the best season there is. Unfortunately, this summer is coming to an end in Australia, and we’ll no longer be able to enjoy days that are quite this long and quite this entertaining. Have you made the best of it yet? If you haven’t, now’s definitely the time to start thinking about doing something interesting to make it more memorable. Are you eager for some ideas on what you can do to make this summer truly unforgettable? Then take a look at our suggestions and start making plans!

Visit the best restaurants

Nothing can put you in a good mood better than a tasty meal, and if you gather around your friends and go to a nice restaurant, you’re bound to have a lot of fun. Of course, you’ve got to pick the right place if you want good atmosphere, so head over to Stokehouse Q in Queensland if you’re in the mood for chili prawns, iced drinks, and a spectacular view of the Brisbane River.

If you’re in Western Australia then visit Island Market because there you’ll find a delightful pastel interior inside this beach restaurant, and even better food to complete your experience. Make sure to try their wood-roasted pita and spiced seafood plate, and relax as the pleasant ambiance soothes your senses. In Victoria, you’ll find Arbory Afloat if you visit Melbourne, and there you can enjoy an excellent Italian menu with some of the best seafood pasta and pizza in the country. If you want to find a restaurant in Sydney, then try Sixpenny, Paper Bird, or Yellow.

Host a party of your own

The best way to commemorate this summer is by throwing a big party! Invite all your friends for an outdoor barbecue, or have them over for some fancy dining and good music. Cook your best recipes or, better yet, order catering and have professionals take care of everything for you! Your Private Chef is a good option because it’s the best catering in Melbourne and you can order anything from orange, thyme and fetta arancini canapés, to excellent barbecue. Bring in the booze, and make a rockin’ playlist, and make sure to figure out a few party games so you can break the ice. Something as simple as Charades can really get the event going, but you can also break out an actual board game like Codenames to ramp up the fun.

Mingle at the bar

The bar scene in Australia is very versatile, and if you want to meet new people and mingle, then there are quite a few options for you. The Opera Bar in Sydney is one of the most popular ones because you get to enjoy a spectacular view on the Quay as you sip your drink, but you can also go for the Rooftop Bar, Republica, or Jungle Boy if you’re in Melbourne. Howler is also a wonderful option because it’s huge and has an outdoor beer garden, so if you want something relaxed, this is the place to be. If you’re in Byron Bay, then head to the Byron Bay Brewery and enjoy their live gigs, or go to the Railway and meet the cheerful people who tend to frequent it. Lock N Load is a great bar in Brisbane, especially if you like quirky décor and unique drinks.

If you do head out for a drink, take the opportunity to meet someone new. Summer is the time for romance, so find a cute hottie that will make the sunny days even better!

Make a spritz to impress your friends

If you prefer to booze at home, then invite your friends over for a summer spritz! Here’s the base recipe: 2 ounces of liqueur combined with 3 ounces of bubbly white wine, then topped with soda. Now, you don’t have to stick to the Prosecco and other usual ingredients! Why not combine amaro and Lambrusco and then top it off with cherry soda? This will give you a very unique taste that will go great when poured over ice and garnished with real cherries. It’s the perfect summery drink, and it’s a great way to get tipsy with your friends and make some memories together.

Don’t let this Australian summer pass by without heading over to the best beaches, restaurants, and bars, or making your own big parties. Now the time to have fun and make the best of this hot season, so enjoy the entertainment!

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