7 Small Business Ideas for 2021


Many people are looking to start an online business. Being their own boss and ultimately achieving financial independence is a popular dream. However, it is not enough to come up with just any idea because you need to consider whether the idea has the potential right now as well for the future.

To become a successful entrepreneur, you’ll need to learn to recognize what a perspective idea is. A perspective idea for a startup is the one that has room to grow. This means that over the years, you will be able to scale and develop your project.

If you are looking for some inspiration to start a business on the internet, this article should be a great reference. We want to share some of the best ones ideas that will hopefully inspire you to begin developing a business.

Idea #1: Custom T-Shirts Store

Custom t-shirts have been on the market for many years now. They can be great gifts, a means to support a cause, and a way to show off one’s beliefs and individuality.

To get started with custom t-shirt printing, it is best to use a print on demand service because it has benefits like no minimum order requirements, easy setup, and low entry point for the business.

Launch a website, create custom designs, and add products. Advertise the store on social media and other marketing channels. Reinvest the money you make from the first few sales and continue working on the project.

Idea #2: Freelance Copywriter

If you’re good at writing, it would be a shame for a skill like this to go to waste. Knowing all the ins and outs of grammar, style, and just having a way with words in general are big advantages. You can become a freelance copywriter and work on different projects.

To find your first customers as a copywriter, you can search in Facebook groups focused on freelancers, browse forums, and register on websites like Fiverr and Upwork. Aim to make a name for yourself by providing quality writing to every client. Focus on quality and finding a niche you can excel at.

Idea #3: Style Consultant

Style consulting is becoming more and more popular. If you have great taste, you can help others with their choices. Many people need help picking clothes. Some of the examples include wardrobe reorganization, style change, outfits for special events, shows, and even advice on how to dress smartly at work.

Idea #4: Digital Marketing

The power that the internet has on today’s businesses is significant. And the number of online businesses is only growing, thanks to all the free digital tools like website builders and such unfortunate events like Covid-19. This creates a big demand for professionals that specialize in digital marketing.

Startups and other types of online businesses do not know how to brand and market themselves. Also, the competition in some niches can become really fierce, and a lack of a capable digital marketing expert can ruin the chances of success.

Idea #5: Graphic Design

Pages on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have started to emphasize visual content. Communication and advertising are more effective if you can support your message by incorporating visual aids.

If you are starting off as a fresh freelance graphic designer who has little to no experience, register on websites like Behance and show off your work there. Sharing your work in well-known communities will help you gain more visibility. Also, register for freelancer websites and look for freelancer groups on social media groups and forums.

Idea #6: Transcription Services

If your typing is fast and precise, then there is no reason why you shouldn’t use this skill to earn some extra money. There is a demand for transcribers. Start with simple projects to gain experience and find out whether this type of work is for you.

After some time working as a transcriber, you might want to start charging more for your services. To gain a higher income, consider becoming a certified transcriber, especially if you are happy with the job you do. Certified transcribers receive better jobs and more money.

Idea #7: Translation Services

As the number of online businesses is growing, a lot of older businesses are scaling and developing their businesses to keep the top spot in the market. Therefore, more online stores choose to offer their products and services in more languages. Reaching audiences worldwide means that there is a demand for translators. If you are bilingual, do not hesitate and look for opportunities to work as a translator.

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