Places You Should Travel to Depending on Where You Are in Life.


Places You Should Travel to Depending on Where You Are in Life. Travelling is something that people have always found almost cathartic. When you’re feeling lost and tense, going away to a different country to change your surroundings and find your balance again is the perfect cure. When you’re happy and fulfilled, travelling is a way to cement that feeling and make even more good memories to keep you going when times get tough. Humans have always had the craving to see more and learn more, and getting familiar with different cultures and different kinds of people is the best way to grow as person. But how do you know where to go? Which destination will soothe your soul and make you feel refreshed and ready to face things back home? Well, it all depends on where your life is right now. 

Single and carefree


You’re single and you love your independence. Your bravery is taking you far, and seeing the world on your own is a challenge you’re absolutely ready to face. Being single means you’re not anchored to anyone, it means you get to explore, you get to be a nomad. If you’re seeking glamour and culture, you should head to Europe – Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, or Malta. These cities are safe for solo travellers, they’re beautiful, and they’re full of wondrous sights, exuberant nightlife, and fun places that are great for single ladies. If you want even more adventure, why not go through Europe with nothing but a backpack on you? It will teach you to be truly clever and independent, and to land on your own two feel no matter where you find yourself. 

Just survived a tough break up


Right now you need comfort, you need nice people around you, and you really need to get out of that muck of sadness and self-pity. Where to go? Rio, baby! Rio de Janeiro is such a vibrant, fun city, but the selling point of it are really the people – the locals are so incredibly friendly and nice that you’d have a hard time not stumbling upon a friend the moment you set foot in it. It also happens to be full of gorgeous single people, bars and clubs with great music, and late night beach parties. Relax, have fun, and get your mojo back!

Stressed, tense, and way too busy


Okay workaholics, time to step away from the office and take a break. No complaints! You know you’ve earned this. Darling, you deserve some rest, so head straight for Gran Canaria among the Canary Islands. This is a great destination for those who are stressed and weary of work because it will allow you to recharge your batteries. A warm, friendly place, Gran Canaria is where you’ll be rejuvenated, so it’s particularly good for those of us who are in dire need of some pampering. Beaches, great hotels, plenty of sightseeing, and enough peace to help you rest – it’s all there. 

Just met The One


Well, a romantic trip is in order then, isn’t it? It’s actually a really good idea to travel with someone who you’re seriously considering as a partner – it will show you how you work out when you’re stuck in one place for a long time. To make it work, pick a fun location such as Santorini in Greece. It’s picturesque and romantic, but it also give you plenty opportunities for fun bonding experiences – cliff jumping at Amoudi Bay, wine tours, visiting volcano hot springs or archaeological sites, and hanging out at numerous charming bars. When travelling together you want to make sure you pick a spot where there will be plenty to do and that suits both of your tastes. 

Barely got a penny to your name

We’re all broke occasionally (or most of the time). This doesn’t mean you don’t get to travel, however. You don’t even need to leave the country to have some fun – local camp sites, hiking trails, or even a cottage for rent on the outskirts of the city could work. Travelling is all about letting yourself change the scenery and have time to think in peace, so planning a camping trip either alone or with your family is a good way to get away without spending much money. 

Feeling lost


You’re aimless and tense, and you’ve no idea who you are and where your life is going. This can happen both in youth and during our middle age crisis, but travelling can actually be a good way to heal. Pick a location that will let you go off the beaten path, like South Africa, Bali, or even remote parts of Iceland. You’ll need a vacation that will let you explore and get in touch with your spirituality, so pick something that calls to you and that you’ve never seen before. 

Life has a funny way of rushing by. Don’t let yourself wake up one day and realise you really regret not seeing all that you wanted to see. Travel when you can, and let each trip teach you a special lesson. 


Guest Post by Rebecca Brown


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