Perfect and Simple Wedding Ideas for Minimalist Brides


Due to the consumerism that seems to have swallowed the world whole, as well as the abundance of choices and different trends, some people have become oblivious to the fact that true beauty lies in simplicity. Luckily, the newer generations, namely millennials, are discovering a newfound respect for minimalism, as it allows them not only to focus on experiences and joys in life that don’t necessarily entail material goods, but also to express their level of sophistication and impeccable taste, which always comes to the fore when the rules of minimalism are applied. Hence, it comes as no surprise that an increasing number of couples are opting for simple and minimalistic weddings that place focus on them and the people around them instead of the extravagant décor and ostentatious attire.

The fact that minimalism is the ultimate display of sophistication cannot be emphasized enough, so take a tour with us and get inspired so your day can be a true chic minimalistic perfection.

First and foremost

A bride wants to look spectacular on her wedding day, but unconventional brides also want to look and feel like themselves. This is precisely why most modern brides are saying ‘no’ to traditional over-the-top wedding gowns and going for minimalistic cuts and silhouettes that fit them perfectly and make them feel good and comfortable in their skin, not to mention that the choice of alternative wedding attire allows her to display her lifestyle and style persona.

A great number of designers have taken note and have started creating completely unconventional wedding dresses and wedding jumpsuits and suits even. The Oleg Cassini wedding dresses are the perfect example of a brand who listens to what modern brides want and caters to their needs. There are tons of up-and-coming designers who are allowing brides to stay off the beaten track and follow their own style, so the choices are endless.

Keep it simple

What every truly great makeup artist will tell you is that, on the day of your wedding, you should keep your makeup look as natural and radiant as possible. Don’t give into the current makeup fads, crazy color palettes and transformative techniques. You know your face best, you know your colors, so when in doubt, always go for a minimal amount of makeup that will just emphasize your features and not make you look like a completely different person. If the Duchess of Sussex could go for a sheer foundation, a smidge of eyeliner and a nude lip and look absolutely ethereal, so can you.  

No big buns, thank you

The same rule applies to your hairstyle. You absolutely don’t need ostentatious curls, old-fashioned high buns or old Hollywood glam. You can wear your hair down, amazingly blown out, or go with a simple-to-make low-bun with a few strands hugging your face. One of the most popular minimalistic hairstyles of the season is the chic messy ponytail that looks simply stunning and it allows you to stay comfortable while being nonchalantly gorgeous.  

On the low-key

When it comes to jewelry, it’s best to keep things as simple as possible. There are two ways to go about this – go with a few pieces of incredibly delicate jewelry like pearl earrings and a tiny necklace, or go big but opt for just one piece. The minimalist community has been buzzing about the golden minimalistic structured earrings for a while now, and as these would definitely add the wow factor to your simple dress, we vote for option number two.

Chic you, chic décor to match

If you opt for gold in the jewelry department, let that dictate the décor. Of course, simple white plates with white napkins are a must, and then you can play with gold. Get polished gold utensils (but light gold, not super-yellow) that will look almost silver with just a sheen of gold. Aside from that, keep everything else clean and simple. If you go for candles, get those gorgeous geometrical candle holders – we can’t think of anything chicer or more sophisticated than this. When it comes to centerpieces, instead of peonies, or over-the-top flower arrangements, ensure that the tables exude pure elegance by placing just cotton flowers in white vases. It has rarely been done and it looks absolutely superb.

Employ Helvetica


It’s no secret minimalists love Helvetica, and should you want your table to be chic, minimal and modern, all you need are your names in black Helvetica, a simple naturalistic green arch and perhaps those same cotton flower arrangements, just in slightly bigger vases and you’re done. All that the venue is missing now are some twinkly lights – of course, you will choose a clean and chic venue that doesn’t contain any tacky elements – and you don’t even need a wedding planner to get them. You can purchase sting lighting at Ikea or any other home décor store and hang them yourself. With the perfect crisp tables and a simple but effective couple’s table, that’s pretty much all you need.

Make it known

It’s a well-known fact that the invitations give the guest a sneak preview of the kind of wedding this is going to be, so choose your invitations carefully so you send just the right message and set the tone. There are countless options in the world of graphic design, which is yet another sphere that has greatly turned towards clean lines and simple fonts and even color options, so just choose the ones that represent you best as a couple, and people will get the message.

Now, you can splurge on things such as a great band and good food. People forget the décor, your makeup, even the food, but what is etched in their memory is the great time they had, so make sure they do, and make sure you do too. After all, minimalism is ultimately about experiences, so make your wedding day an event that will never be forgotten.   


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