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Even though we all want our events to be unique and memorable, with all of the components that go into planning a party, it can be hard to stay creative and imaginative. Thankfully, every new year brings new innovative ideas and popular trends that make planning the perfect party that much easier. Here are some party trends that will inspire you to throw the most exciting events in 2019:

Celebrating unconventional holidays

A trend that has increased in popularity over the last few years, which will definitely rule the party scene in 2019, is the celebration of unconventional holidays. Many people want to host celebrations at a time of year when we aren’t overwhelmed and inundated with countless party invites, such as during Christmas and New Year’s. In Australia, they are turning to holidays like Australia Day and Anzac Day to create fun and unusual themed parties and an unforgettable experience for their guests.

Pantone color of the year

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As every year, any decor that is themed around Pantone’s color of the year is bound to become a popular choice for all sorts of parties and events, especially weddings. This year’s choice is the vibrant Living Coral, a color that perfectly complements muted, pale and pastel tones and a beautiful shade to add as a pop of color to an otherwise neutral palette.

Monochromatic party themes

While it is often tempting to make any party as colorful as possible, deciding on a palette consisting of different hues of the same color is the perfect way to tie all of your party elements together. Simple does not have to mean boring – having a monochromatic theme is the ideal way to achieve an illusion of elegance and luxury that is bound to take your celebration to the next level.

Sustainable party decor

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Most of the usual party essentials and decor often goes to waste at the end of the night. As we become more aware of the environment, we want to reduce our carbon footprint and party a bit more ethically, which is why reusable and sustainable party decor has become a staple for any entertaining repertoire. Instead of their paper alternative, opt for cloth napkins, ‘real’ plates and digital invitations in order to throw a more eco-friendly party and do our planet a small favor.

Personalized gifts

This is another big party trend for 2019. No matter the size of your event, it’s important to give your guests gifts that they will remember and cherish, particularly for special or memorialized events. The perfect way to do this is by engraving your guests’ names or initials onto a small, but meaningful gift they will undoubtedly keep and look after.


Customized menu

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One of the biggest party trends for 2019 is the construction of a personalized menu filled with delicious food and creative drinks. Some great catering services in Sydney customize their menus in order to fulfill the specific needs of every customer. A menu which is specifically tailored to your event will not only add a hint of elegance and style to your party, but it will also guarantee your event will be an unforgettable one.

Unique entertainment

Unique entertainment ideas are all the new rage for party planners. From tarot card readers to mobile escape rooms, having new and exciting ways for your guests to interact with each other is the best way to make a party fun and memorable.

Play on nostalgia

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The most exciting idea might be to incorporate nostalgic games and activities that will surely please all of your guests and keep them entertained. Designate a certain area of your venue to promote play and incorporate games like Jenga, Connect Four or Twister, that are not only fabulous pieces of decor, but also a great way for your guest to connect with each other in an interesting way. You can also have a table with sheets of coloring book pages, craft stations, or even retro gaming consoles – the choice is yours. Australians, for example, use retro Australia-themed confetti for their national holidays.

No matter the size or the type of event you are planning, these fun and exciting party trends 2019 has in store for us are a sure way to create sensational parties none of your guests will be able to forget.

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