Palm Springs Expectations!


Day-cations are such a great way to take your mind off bills, the city, and responsibilities. A group of my neighbors and I headed to Palm Springs for the 4th of July. What a great way to relax! What more can you ask for when you have the pool, heat, and great snacks?


But seriously, what single girl goes on a vacation where there is a slim selection of straight available men? Me.


My other single friend and I  entered the pool with confidence in our hottest pool attire. I went for a trendy one piece bathing suit that zipped up the center and covered it with a floral wrap. Shhh… I even had a little pool makeup on to bring out my eyes.  See, we were the first to arrive in our group and location selection at the pool is very important, especially when you know beautiful people are going to be half naked all day.


We both strutted to find  pool chairs that would be suitable for a group of 7. Once we got situated we took a moment to see how we were going to be spending our day-cation. As we peered over our sunglasses, not only were we at a pool with beautiful people, there were a ton of couples, and a predominately LGBT scene. My friend and I looked at each other and immediately burst out laughing because we both forgot where we were for a second and realized there were no men to gwack over. So we pulled out are trashy gossip magazines and we got to sit back and relax.


A few more of our guy friends showed up and got situated. We were waiting on our funny friend Tim and sassy German, Miss. Silke. They showed up in their true fashion, late and fabulous. Silke looked “Rich”; from her hoop earrings to her flowing dress, complimented with a sun hat that pulled it all together. She immediately sat down and whispered, “Any of my flavors out there?” We had to break it to her that if her “Flavor” is out there then they are not batting for her team. She pouted her lips with disappointment.


Yes, the day-cation was a blast and we have great memories to talk about. The only thing that baffles me is why do single women look for men when they are on vacation? What are we really going to gain with a person that lives miles away from us? Vacation romances can be great but I guess I’m starting to understand that stupid saying, “You’ll find him, when you stop looking.” Blah. Subconsciously, we are all always looking. Silly us. My gay friend pointed out that he hits the straight clubs with anticipation to meet someone and then he get’s in there and realizes, “What was I thinking?” Guess we all have expectations but we honestly never know if “The One” is in the least expected place.

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