Owning a Pet and Living a Fabulous Life


We all love to spend the time with our fluffy friends and having one bring us a lot of happiness and fun. However, we must be aware of the responsibilities that come with it, such as cleaning, feeding, and making sure that your pet is healthy. Owning an animal is a serious investment and responsibility and you should think twice before deciding to share your life with a pet, especially if you are a busy lady, who is into fashion and doesn’t want a pet hair all over your clothes every time you go out. Here are some of the must-knows before buying or adopting an animal friend.

They keep us healthy

If you want to lose weight, and cannot make yourself be more active, buying a pet could be a good choice, since they tend to make their owners walk more. If you own a dog, you must take it for a walk every day, which helps you burn calories. Cats tend to make us more relaxed and cuddly, but even taking it to a vet, or bringing the heavy bags with the cat food from your local market counts. Also, if you have children, it is believed that pets are very beneficial for them and even could strengthen their immune system. Besides that, pets teach them responsibility and it is even believed that they boost enthusiasm for learning.

They keep us stress-free

Owning a being that is so unconditionally loving and happy just because of your existence is an infinite source of comfort. Those playful, cuddly animals are instantly breaking the feeling of loneliness. They are a great distraction from problems and they are very compassionate. Some people even believe that owning a pet is a great thing to do if you have depression.

They make us feel safer

Dogs are known to act as guards of the home as they can easily sense danger. They bark even before someone rings on our door. They save people from blizzards and help the blind.  Cats are gentle and cuddly when we are ill or stressed. All of them make us less lonely, and loneliness is often a source of fear.

Health risks

It is very important to know if you or any member of your household are prone to allergies. If you are, and you still want a pet, you can opt for the one that cannot cause you any allergic reactions. Be aware of the fact that any animal can cause allergies. The proteins in their urine, saliva, and dander can act as allergens and cause an allergic reaction.


If you decide on having a pet, you will need to make a considerable amount of time each day to give it the right care. There are things such as exercise, grooming, socialization, feeding, training, playtime, etc. Taking care of the pet means that you can’t leave them alone for too long, that you must regularly clean and feed them. It is of utter importance to rethink if you have enough time for every of these important actions, and if you cannot manage it, you are not in the right phase of your life for owning an animal.

Can you afford it?

A pet is not a cheap addition to the family. Vaccinations, food, desexing, microchipping and emergency treatments are only some of the costs you must be aware of when making a decision on adopting a pet.

How to make them happy

Owning an animal is like having a toddler in a family. They crave for affection, they are sensitive, needs protection and you need to provide them as quality life as possible. Choose only the high-quality food, since the diet directly affects their health. Although they like to spend time with you, it is important to arrange a special place in your home for them, in case they want to be alone, to relax, or storage its toys. Make the place where they sleep warm, dry and comfortable. Make them feel happy and special with various sorts of pets accessories.

Above all, do not forget to talk to them, and to show them attention and love every day. They may be our best friends that bring us joy and comfort, but it is important to be responsible and ready to love them in return.


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