There is Nothing You Can’t Do on Ladies’ Night


Everyone deserves a break from time to time, a moment to themselves to recharge their batteries. It’s also true that people relax in different ways. Some ladies like to go out and mingle with complete strangers. And though it may take them a while to get readybecause looking fabulous requires some effort, they will get there. No matter where they end up. Here are some of our suggestions you might want to consider for one such evening.

It’s like in the iconic Cyndi Lauper song that we all know and love: girls just want to have fun. They do, and there is nothing wrong with that. Sometimes, with a large group of your besties tagging along for the evening, it may be hard to find the perfect activity. Not everyone likes the same thing. The good news is that you can look for inspirations in many places. The options are virtually endless. Especially, if you have an adventurous crowd of friends like Carrie Bradshaw from “Sex and the City.” Then the sky is the limit.

Doing something fun doesn’t necessarily have to be a complicated concept. For most ladies, usually, a fun night consists of going to the movies or burning calories on the dance floor. And those are all great. After all, every activity shared in a good company is not a waste of time. However, this doesn’t have to be boring, either. There is always a possibility to make things more interesting. For example, hold a movie night at the drive-in cinema, and go dancing at the exclusive club or a place you wouldn’t normally go. Even a humble dinner can be upgraded. By going to a fancy restaurant or picking something different than the usual routine, that’s for starters. Better yet, try what’scalled a progressive dinner. Instead of sitting and eating in a single location, you order a course at one place and proceed to another and another to complete the whole meal. That way, you get to try many dishes in a single night. Plus, it gets you out and about and keeps the conversation going.

However, be flexible. Even when you and all your friends are finally able to agree on a suitable date for an evening out, things may not always go according to plan. There are possibilities for a night out beyond the typical food and drinks. For example, attending a live music concert (maybe a jazz club) or some other show (like at the theater) is a good way to have fun in a group. Also, an idea for a night full of glamor could be visiting fancy, themed clubs or window shopping at extravagant stores you cannot afford. On the other hand, dressing up in your best can suggest a perfect occasion for a trip to the casino, which is sure to be a lot of fun. If you are a dedicated player already, you are likely well aware of today’s options online. And some come closer and closer to the real thing like facing a live roulette dealerwho takes bets in real time.

Other games can make up a fun evening too, like bowling or pool. For the outdoor types, there arevarious city games such as a scavengerhunt where you have to follow clues around town and solve puzzles. Or maybe you are the type who enjoys sports. If so, then when is the perfect opportunity to break a little sweat if not at the time all the band members are back together? When in a big group, it is always a lot of fun to participate in team-building activities. Bungee jumping, skydiving or less adventurous activities like unscrambling the mysteries of escape rooms and swimming with dolphins are all possibilities. Either way, you’re guaranteed to bring your squad closer together.

Alternatively, the concept of ladies’ night out doesn’t have to involve hitting clubs or visiting new places. It works as well asone of your homes. And technically, it is still a night out for the rest of you. Consider hosting a themed party, video game session, Netflix marathon, board games, candle making, arts/crafts/DIYs, wine tasting, junk food cheat day party, charades or the good old-fashioned sleepover. But don’t forget the wine.

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