How Music Relieves Stress and Helps You Relax


Without beating around the bush and without any sugarcoating, stress is everywhere. You can call yourself the ultimate Zen mistress, and still get annoyed when you’re on hold for half an hour with your internet provider over a simple glitch. Or when you’re waiting in line to buy a single scone and someone in front of you cannot make up their mind if they want a latte or an espresso, and you’re late for work.

As it turns out, while you cannot eliminate all sources of stress, and some situations will always trigger an emotional response simply because you care, there are methods to help you relax. For example, music! Pop a pair of earbuds and play your favorite jazz album, and you’ll swiftly forget about the early morning rush hour. Take a look at a few additional ways in which you can use music as your stress relief in different situations and find your sense of calm in the middle of chaos.

Transform your cooking time with music

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Some people find cooking liberating and fun, while others see it as just another chore on their to-do list. You can change your own perception with so many chores you have just by adding some music into the mix. The same applies to cooking: whether you bring out your earbuds and plug them into your phone, or you turn up the radio, you can quickly start dancing while you’re preparing your Sunday lunch.

In no time, you’ll start looking forward to all of your cooking sessions, since they’ll be infused with your favorite music, so you can sing and dance around your place while you cook. 

Take a few singing lessons

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Have you ever caught yourself singing in the shower, or getting ready to go out? It’s a reflection of your good mood, and it helps you stay in that “zone” for hours on end. You can use that same principle and invest in singing lessons, because your voice can be a powerful instrument for mindful change. 

You’ll then get proper guidance, learn how to use your voice, and be able to practice at home, which will become another useful strategy to banish stress. If you find yourself tense before work, you can take a few minutes and practice those breathing exercises singers regularly include in their schedule, and sing your favorite tune. 

Master a new instrument

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Guitars are perfect for impressing people at parties, violins are amazing for the most patient people out there, but drums are cathartic. If we’re talking about relieving stress and vanquishing negativity, nothing can help you unleash that energy like a drum kit. You can look into reviews of different models at to find the perfect match for yourself. 

Then, you can follow a few video-based guides, pick up a few lessons, and use your brand-new instrument to truly cleanse through rhythm. 

Boost your workouts with music

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Exercise is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle, but sometimes, you might be too tired and lack the proper motivation to give your best at the gym. However, you can change up your training routine to introduce new, exciting exercises, be it with a splash of yoga, some Zumba, or even swimming. And the best way to make it all more appealing – make your own inspiring playlist to push yourself harder with every move, and to keep your body engaged.

Music can help you focus on the rhythm of your cardio portion of the workout, elevate your pace when you can, and it can empower you to push through those tough lifts when you feel that the barbell might be a touch too heavy for you. Once you break through such barriers, you’ll find that music can be a wonderful source of energy for any physical activity you enjoy.

Unwind before bed and meditate with music

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Just like you have your morning rituals to ensure that you have the zeal for the challenges ahead, you can craft a dedicated bedtime strategy for relaxation. We all tend to focus on the problems we’ll have to solve in the upcoming days just before we fall asleep. What you can do is shift that focus and concentrate on positive thoughts, and add background music ideal for sleep. 

With the right bedtime playlist to help you sleep, you’ll rest properly every night, improve your hormonal balance, have more energy, and feel far less stressed in general. 


Whether you sing, unleash your negativity through your drums, or you use a meditative “om” sound during your bedtime yoga session, music holds the potential to completely revamp your stress-relieving strategy. Use these tips to infuse your life with more music, and of course, find other creative ways to reduce stress in your life through creative expression!

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