Moving In Together: Tips for Making the Move Easier

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Moving In Together: Tips for Making the Move Easier. Moving in together is a huge step in any relationship. Cohabitating can be stressful, wonderful, and scary — all at the same time. In order to keep this milestone feeling positive, it’s important to be prepared for what goes into moving in with a partner. It’s about understanding everything that encompases moving in together. It’s about feeling safe enough to communicate, learning the importance of compromise, and preparing for the stress. However, having an organized move can help conquer many of the challenges of moving in together. Say goodbye to hogging the remote but hello to early morning cuddles with a cup of coffee.

Understanding What Moving in Means

Moving in isn’t just about living under the same roof; it’s about taking one more step towards commitment. It’s sharing belongings, splitting bills, losing some of your own space, and making things that much harder for you to break up. For that reason, it’s something that should be a serious discussion before jumping into. Know the risks associated with leases, deposits, and having your belongings under the same roof. As long as you’re taking a realistic approach to moving in, you should take this step as a positive one. It’s normal to be nervous, but don’t make a mistake and put your finances or belongings in danger. 

Keep Communication Open

Open communication is the foundation of any relationship. When it comes to moving in, you’ll want to feel safe enough to communicate any worries you have. On the same note, you have to be willing to be open to hearing their worries as well without becoming defensive. You’ll also want to talk about finances, make important A/C decisions, and talk about when you’re getting a puppy together — all of the important stuff. 

Are you moving into your place, their place, or getting a brand new place? What can you afford? Do you need cable? Who is the early riser? Who is weird about sharing their favorite coffee cup? When are your shows on? No matter how long you’ve known someone, moving in is a whole other animal, and keeping communication open will help you to get to know what this step will look like for your relationship. 

Sharing and Compromise

When you’re planning to move in, talk about the need for both of you to share your space and compromise with each other. Know that it’s definitely easier said than done. Before you start packing things up and moving them in, talk about the things you’re willing to compromise on. Take this time to purge things you don’t need and donate them in order to make space for your significant other. 

You’ll both have to get rid of things you love, decorate in a way you wouldn’t choose, or share something you didn’t want to share. This is what moving in is about. Share and compromise, but be sure you’re not the one making all of the sacrifices. This is where your communication tools will come into play. If you both compromise, sharing will be easier. 

Being Prepared for the Stress

Moving is stressful. Moving in with a partner is even more stressful. Be prepared for the stress and work to make things easier for yourself. For one, utilize some moving hacks to make the actual move-in day a little easier. For instance, get free boxes instead of paying for them, wrap your clothes on their hangers in garbage bags, and Saran wrap the clothes in your drawers. Don’t be afraid to ask your friends for help, and communicate when you’re feeling overwhelmed. Even the most organized move can leave you feeling frazzled, so it’s best to prepare for it. Work on not taking your stress out on your significant other and you’ll get through the stressful parts of moving together.

Keep the Move Organized

Yes, even the most organized move can still feel stressful, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t continue to strive for organization. The key here is to organize things way before the actual moving day. Using a comprehensive moving checklist can give you tips on organizing things months before you actually move in. Remember to keep a “first night” kit for your first night in your new home when everything else is packed away. Try color coding your boxes with colorful Post-its based on each room they belong in. Schedule the move with your utility companies, coordinate your grocery shopping so you don’t have perishable food in your fridge for your move, and put in for your change of address. Don’t leave everything until the day of or you’ll be overwhelmed with stress.

On your first night in your home together, plan to order some pizza. Sit together, look around, and realize this is the mark of renewal for your relationship. It’s a new phase, and it’s exciting. Through all the stress, worry, and hard work, the hope is to come out on the other side in a home you can build together. Moving in together is a big step, but it can be done in a way that helps you both. With a lot of understanding, preparation, and compromise, your move can be more exciting than it is scary. However, you should still be prepared to fight over the bathroom. 


Guest Post by Chesly Ranard 

Twitter: @Chelsy5


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