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The time of mindless shopping sprees in ginormous malls where almost everything is labeled “made in China”, even most of the branded, and very expensive items, is coming to an end. The new generation of consumers is re-shaping the global fashion mindset, and introducing a whole new set of values that rule their decision-making process. Millennials are the representation of the newly arising consciousness, the one that celebrates uniqueness, individuality, authenticity and fairness.

That translates into their style choices to such a deep-rooted level that they no longer abide by the “influencer” community or runway rules, but they are relying on their own judgment, personal recommendations and most importantly, the source, quality and longevity of their choices. Enter: organic, sustainable, local, fair-trade fashion with a strong tendency to endure for years to come.

Green-laden thoughts

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

From chemically-infused dyes, inhumane conditions of work, poor quality of manufacturing, to constant pollution of soil, water and air, fashion and beauty do come from a surprisingly ugly background. But Millennials see through the alluring mask of shiny shelves and rows of affordable things, and they stick with their parents’ inherited garments, thrift-store pieces, those hand-made by local craftsmen and everything green in between.

They will shop online instead of taking the bus to lower their carbon footprint. They will choose cruelty-free makeup and skincare, and enjoy a fair-trade latte instead of your regular cup of joe. Just like they enjoy Meatless Monday, many switching to a vegan diet, they make their neauty style choices wanting a better future for their children and thus leaving a legacy of sustainability and Earth-safe stores. They always tend to choose natural beauty products and enjoy every benefit of it. Maybe their Veja sneakers or the recyclable Rothy’s don’t seem all that luxurious, but they sure are making a statement, loud and clear.

Authentic, yet durable

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Yes, this generation is very fond of their self-expression, hence their love for unique, hand-made, and tailored fashion pieces. However, none of their fashion choices are made at the expense of longevity, since they are devoted to the idea of mindful, green approach. This allows them to better express their identity, while also keeping their selection minimal, making this millennial mindful minimalism an epidemic on its own.

They prefer capsule wardrobe instead of rushing hastily to shop for new clothes every season, multipurpose skincare products instead of a shelf filled with bottles, and single-ingredient beauty items such as organic coconut oil. They’ll gladly accessorize with Italian leather handbags due to their artisan background and incredible durability, while they choose jewelry made of recyclable, biodegradable materials and support the individual artist. In the eyes of a Millennial, quality will always come first.

Thrifty shopping manners

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Remember how shopping was predominantly influenced by commercials, ads and pure brand brilliance? Millennials will have none of it. Sure, they do recognize and stay loyal to trusty names on the market, but it’s their ethics, quality and originality that keeps them coming back, not a famous label or a weekend sale.

In fact, they will spend much more time doing checking reviews than doing the actual shopping, because they know the meaning of value for money. However, that does not mean they aren’t willing to invest in pricier items that have the desired quality, on the contrary, 66% respondents of this study are happy to do just that provided that the item fulfills their standards of sustainability. But you won’t see them shopping for pleasure and without purpose.

Future-oriented choices

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They embrace the moment by caring for our future. As a generation thriving on healthy lifestyles and organic alternatives, they enjoy the little things in life without putting the planet in jeopardy. That’s why transparency is another trait Millennials are after when hunting for their next favorite wardrobe piece.

Finally, by making such choices, they create a ripple effect in the nature of fashion and beauty, and they raise awareness of our planet’s survival, our mindless behavioral patterns and the need for a better tomorrow. Every step they make towards making that happen carries a much larger message than purely a fashion statement or crafting a new trend – they are making it known that they are, even in the smallest of choices, the guardians of the future.  

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