May 10-16 is National Women’s Health Week

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May 10-16 is National Women’s Health Week.

In honor of National Women’s Health Week (May 10-16), I’d like to spotlight some people and organizations I feel are working tirelessly to eradicate stigma, be sex positive and constantly advocate for women to have access to every possible form of healthcare that they need.

A is For

This is an organization formed in 2012 to fight an eruption of intense political and social backlash against women’s health rights. Actress Martha Plimpton is on the Board of Directors and has always spoken against slut shaming and stressed the importance of safe abortion access for all women.

Check them out here:


A website that provides all kinds of information on birth control in all forms so that women can be better informed about the type that could work best for them. It can also provide reminders for when to take the pill (if that’s your BC of choice) or when you’re due for a doctor’s appointment.

Check them out here:


The brainchild of founder Tamika Felder, it is a community for women who are seeking information and ways to personally raise awareness about the Human Papilloma Virus and Cervical Cancer.

Check them out here:

Foundation for Women’s Cancer

This group raises money and provides education for what are typically known as “below the belt” cancers in women that usually get a fraction of the press and attention as breast cancer. Get educated, donate, attend their annual 5k race.

Check them out here:

Diane Mapes

Diane is an amazing writer who chronicled her experiences with breast cancer from the point of diagnosis all the way through post chemo breast reconstruction surgery. (She scheduled a pinup photo shoot when she was told that she’d need a double mastectomy). She’s funny, smart, and has let people into her personal life in a way that is inspiring, educational and eye opening. She tends to write a great deal for the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center but has written for hundreds of other outlets.

Find out more about Diane and read her work here:

Sex Nerd Sandra

Sandra Daugherty is a sex educator who has a fun informative podcast on the Nerdist network that does everything possible to create a sense of positivity around sexual activity. She offers pertinent information, answers questions relating to all kinds of relationships and seems always eager to be open to new ideas and ways to teach which seems to be the key in revamping sex education as a whole entity.

Check her out here:

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